October 31, 2000

Netscape.com go directly to the presidential poll. what if the Netscape poll indicated Nader as the winner?

October 30, 2000

Virtual Eugene Oregon Well. I just have to blog the source of all my "political overflow" . It's my home blog. You'll find some stories of the truly spooky Peruvian revolution that have been breaking just this week. Also coverage of Indymedia and links to that site. If you scroll back a few days, you'll find links to the PBS conflicts- the Nader exclusion, and Pacifica Now!
This blog is here to catch some of the political spillover from my "home" blog- "Virtual Eugene Oregon", where I've been actively blogging my 9 live news feeds Hopefully, this will become a forum for some of the hottest issues that we've broached: especially the exclusion of Public Citizen Nader from the PBS debates. Of course, you can also expect to find a general bashing of the corporate-state-controller media here, where we publish its secrets openly. .