December 10, 2000

I confess. I signed the petition asking Al Gore to step aside and avoid spoiling Nader's chances of election. As my punishment, I now receive email from people like Tom Wright, author of The Pornography of Power I think he's misguided when he says: "A President Gore would have been far more devastating to the American Public than the back-assed, know-nothing dunce from Texas, who will no doubt require the full four years of his term to memorize his new address and phone number." Young Dubya's handlers are a highly trained and determined crew, dangerous even without the resources of the Oval Office at their disposal. The fact that he is already receiving official CIA briefings is frightening enough, but he isn't president yet, and Tom you really were jumping the gun back in November when it seems you declared the contest over and done with. As for Gore, it is interesting to note the extent that he has moved with his constituency. He did represent the people of Tennesee when it was his job, and like most successful politicians. he lead to the extent that he could, choosing his battles carefully. Should he fall short during this last lap, he may not be the toast of the town back in Tennessee, but he has clearly won for himself a much broader following than those among us who freely indulge in strident, alienating rhetoric for the sake of appearing witty within their own insular political clique. I'll sum up by saying that I couldn't find anything in your article that speaks to Green issues and your commentary on the Vice President is far below the standard he set for himself when he worked as a journalist. Nonetheless, if you are as interested in progressive politics as you claim to be, you will continue to follow the progress of the Fresh Green Blog, where timely coverage of long-standing international issues such as the investigation of the Letellier murder, the continued imprisonment of Lori Berenson, and the intrigues fostered by the School of the Americas in Peru and elsewhere are held continuously before the public eye.