November 05, 2000

Committee to Free Lori Berenson Associated Press After Montesinos was found to have $48 million dollars stashed in Swiss banks, Peruvian opposition leaders call for a probe into the finances of Fujimori. .
IndyMedia Center - news Nader leads in Time poll
BBC News | AMERICAS | Nicaragua votes in key poll Attention is focussed on Managua, the capital, where the former governing Sandinista party leads a three-candidate race by a clear majority.
Newsroom "I knew absolutely nothing about an act of corruption of this nature." Is Fujimori an incompetent stooge or a lying stooge?
Newsroom "If he (Gore) wanted to get serious about winning the support of the Greens, he could go beyond merely suggesting that their candidate resign. Gore could offer real concessions to the progressive third party: He could forge an American version of coalition government."