November 11, 2000

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BEHIND THE BUSHES: Chronology of a family KEY WORDS: George W. Bush 1942 Three firms with which Prescott Bush is associated are seized under the Trading with the Enemy Act.
Iran/Contra, Independent Counsel, Summary of Report "...the Iran operations were carried out with the knowledge of, among others, Vice President George Bush..."
George Bush CIA memo final paragraph of document credits the content to "George Bush of the Central Intelligence Agency and William Edwards of the Defense Intelligence Agency" It helps establish the cover story for the Kennedy Assasination. .
NEWS DISSECTOR | Lori Berenson Lori was hauled under guard before reporters and photographers, in a room with no podium or microphone, and told she had little time so she should speak quickly and shout if she wanted to be heard. She unwisely did... Fujimori-supporting hecklers were even in the room shouting slogans like "Treason to the Motherland." (How do I know? I have the tape.) ...A photo of her angry face was transmitted worldwide and used in virtually every story on her, including the front page of The New York Times."
George W. Bush 2000 G.W. Bush "...accepted $300,000 in two months from Texas chemical and utility interests who brought legislation to Bush to be passed" . and the government of Peru just crumbled over the small matter of a US$15,000 bribe?
Virtual Eugene Oregon Multimedia coverage of wacky events! My "UNLISTED" blog. Go There Now!
The Bush-Cheney Drug Empire "I will tell it again at the USC School of International Relations on December the 8th, 2000 - regardless of who wins the election." !
The Bush-Cheney Drug Empire "In a last ditch effort to salvage a relationship with my fiancée, Nordica Theodora D'Orsay (Teddy), a CIA contract agent, I had traveled to find her in New Orleans." Take note of the now declassified memos concerning the need for the CIA to report suspected drug violations by _non-employees_ i.e "contract agents" .
The Bush Watch "Mr. Bush, the GOP presidential front-runner, would not elaborate about drug use beyond seven years ago." Dallas Morning News, 8/19/99
George W Bush -- not a crackhead! check out the official page! a real scream!
[V] Votes for Sale!
Virtual Eugene Oregon Multimedia coverage of wacky events! My "UNLISTED" blog. Go There Now! .
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Georges "I'm not a killer" Bush La Haine provides an interactive menu that allows you to post comments to their stories - participate! .
Newsroom Choose BBC World from the "Choose Your News" menu in my Newsroom for breaking news on Peru's Spy Chief in Exile and the current status of his US Visa. "... "The US embassy in Lima is revoking Mr Montesinos's visa today," US State Department spokesman Richard Boucher told reporters. "He no longer qualifies for the status that he was originally given the visa for." It is not clear when the visa was issued...." Exactly why was the visa issued? and what are they doing to free political prisoner Lori Berenson ? .