December 31, 2000

BBC News | AMERICAS | Analysis: How green is Bush? Christe Whitman, the future head of the EPA must seem like an ignorant bimbo to our friends in the UK who politely point out: "..She was confusing two separate problems - the build-up of gases which warm the atmosphere and the depletion of the ozone layer which allows ultra-violet rays from the sun to reach the Earth..." We must not tolerate an administration that will allow its environmental policies to be written by Exxon Mobile and and paraded on the world stage by a complicit ignoramous. next thing you know, he'll be selling tetra-ethyl lead to some fledgling fascist state, just like his grand dad did back in the 30s. (I blogged this, it's in the archives) yee-ha ride -em dubya
~fletk: weblog, personal media, links " is NOT the time to "get on with it." Now is the time to keep asking questions about the thousands of African-Americans who were prevented from voting in Florida this year..." Is there an echo? I've had this song cued up even before the spineless hacks on the electrolux college performed their mindless ritual.
~fletk: weblog, personal media, links All current "segments" of radioken are back up and streamable I haven't heard Ken's Internet Radio Experiments yet, but the weblog is a breath of fresh air, and filled with links to Green issues!
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