December 24, 2001

here's a cute little slide show I made today that I hope you'll enjoy. peace.

December 23, 2001

More opinion in the particular article than news, but soon we'll have some freshly translated reports from the revolution in Argentina: a revolution with profiund economic implications. Until then, from Indymedia we have: "The new provisionary president of Argentina, Adolfo Rodriguez (Peronist) has been nominated by the Congress Assembly. The most important thing that Rodriguez anounced in his speech was that Argentina will temporarily cease paying its foreign debt..."

December 02, 2001

What every activist should know
(link temporarily down -ed.) In Mr. Hoover's own words the purpose of COINTELPRO was "to expose,dirupt,discredit or otherwise neutralize activities" of various activists and organizations that he opposed.
What will you do IF AN AGENT KNOCKS at your door? "Increasingly, agents are visiting the families, friends and employees of these persons..." I say entertain them, as charmingly as possible -ed :)

November 29, 2001

Word Up From Naomi Klein NoLogo "In recent weeks, there has been a severe crackdown on activists (reclassified as "terrorists") in Bolivia and Oscar Olivera has been arrested. This was a big mistake: Olivera has friends around the world and they will be bombarding the authorities with calls for the political charges to be dropped." Olivera is best known for leading the successful campaign of the Bolivian people to protect their water supply from privatization by the faceless multinational Bechtel. Time for us all to show our solidarity, details will follow shortly.
If anyone asks you what a blog is, point them here. That's what Lycos does!

November 25, 2001

Fruits of Excess Capital "The essential difference between the various economic forms of society, between, for instance, a society based on slave labour, and one based on wage labour, lies only in the mode in which this surplus-labour is in each case extracted from the actual producer, the labourer."
Buy Nothing Several major stores were marched through, with chants such as “Shop, Shop, Shop, While the Bombs Drop” until store security escorted folks out..." during the "Buy Nothing Day" action in Portland Oregon. reports of this and more, archived where you can .be the news

November 21, 2001

Close the School of the Americas, Live Coverage"
(link temporarily down)
... I am still physically bruised from the handcuffs placed on me as I participated in civil disobedience and my tired mind is still catching up with the events that happened..." Chani Geigle-Teller Close It Down! November 21, 2001

November 18, 2001

The Spud - Cards - Shit for Brains - Bush here's a real "terraced" for you.... should he have his day in court, or will a military tribunal suffice?
Over 50 Oregonians arrived in Columbus GA last night to join the annual protest and vigil at the School of the Americas, uncertain as to whether a permit had been granted for their planned procession. In a late-night email, Eugene activist Donna Frasier reported: "Judge Faircloth granted the permit... saying if the Army needed to be protected from this group of nonviolent people then we really were all in trouble."  More coverage will be posted as the action continues to evolve.

September 24, 2001

"The people who succeeded and did well were those who didn't stand up, who didn't write the big stories, who looked the other way when history was happening in front of them, and went along either consciously or just by cowardice with the deception of the American people." Robert Parry, in The Consortium
War For Big Oil? "... Another member of Unocal's board of directors is the former Commander in Chief of the U.S. Navy's Pacific Command, Charles Larson ("pacom", as it appears in my log of visitors)

September 16, 2001

War For Big Oil? Unocal stands to directly benefit from a US takeover of Afganistan. That's why we must "rid the world of evil" Time to remove the cowboy from the whitehouse before he commits 50,000 American lives and billions of dollars for the sake of his beloved oil money.

September 15, 2001

AFL-CIO Focuses on Relief Efforts, Calls for Cancellation of IMF Meeting..continued "...We remain steadfast in our conviction that the policies of the World Bank and the IMF must change if they are to foster a fair and just global economy that works for working families everywhere.  We will continue to call for new rules for the global economy that protect people and the planet, not just multinational corporate interests, and to work to defeat fast track trade negotiating authority, to win cancellation of debt for poor nations and to develop strong global HIV/AIDS policies."

September 12, 2001

INNOVATIONS IN CROWD CONTROL WEAPONS "there is a need to consider halting the use of peppergas in Europe until independent evaluation of its biomedical effects is undertaken. Special Agent Ward the FBI officer who cleared OC in the USA was found to have taken a $57,000 kickback to give it the OK. Other US military scientists warned of dangerous side effects including neurotoxicity and a recent estimate by the International Association of Chief Police Officers suggested at least 113 peppergas linked fatalities in the US...
Oil Companies' Assault on Ecuadorian Activists & Journalists Condemned Internationally "Company security guards destroyed cameras, assaulted the activists and three journalists while taking possession of their photographic equipment in an attempt to prevent coverage of the incident. One journalist, Gustavo Abad from El Universo, a leading national daily, was reportedly beaten and detained by OCP employees...

September 04, 2001

our vision and cultural mission, which we are obligated to defend with dignity. THE RESPECT FOR THE LIFE OF MOTHER EARTH AND ALL THAT EXISTS UPON HER." U'wa Communique, July 31, 2001

August 25, 2001

No Logo
"...When the young Canadian woman modestly handed me her book, with the quiet dedication "to Walden, with respect and solidarity," little did I know that I was receiving a stick of dynamite..." reviewed by Walden Bello

August 16, 2001

COLUMBIAN TRADE UNIONISTS NEED U.S. HELP "...We arrived in Colombia after a six-hour flight and were met by Colombian Labor Confederation (CUT) human rights director, Jesus Gonzalez, and two heavily armed bodyguards," said Glynda Williams, a coordinator of the International union’s Rapid Response program. The eight-member Steelworker delegation put their luggage into Jeeps and boarded them. "Why all the guards?" Williams asked, uneasy with her surroundings. The driver explained that union leaders in Colombia face the threat of murder and kidnapping every day...."

June 24, 2001

BBC News | EUROPE | E-mail spy network " Computer users across Europe should encrypt all their e-mails, to avoid being spied on by a UK-US eavesdropping network, say Euro MPs." This BBC story connects to a year long history of Echelon coverage.

June 23, 2001

0zone Layer Cake The sections of the NOAA (US government) site that provides UV data have disappeared, and with such haste that the links on the site are broken. Check for yourself if you doubt, stratoshpere/uv_index/uvi_map.gif The chimp hold his hands over his eyes and sees no evil.

June 21, 2001

(site temporarily unavailable) Today, American Citizen Lori berenson was convicted in a Peruvian court in an instance of double jeopary. As you would expect, the Free Lori website is extremely busy today, so you may want to try the new site above for a copy of her final statement to the court. Her appeal is already in progress.

June 16, 2001

CIA Installs New Puppet in Peru to Support Plan Columbia "...The new president is Valentin Paniagua who ascended to the post after a series of resignations by several people in line for it.
Committee to Free Lori Berenson Lori Berenson still held prisoner
Closing arguments in the case of political prisoner Lori Berenson ended Monday. She will make a closing statement on June 20, when the court will render it's verdict. 20 violations of due process have been recorded in this second trial.
Lori Berenson is still in prison. A sad reminder of a lesson we haven't learned well enough from the days of Huey Newton: in order to remain effective as a challenge to the established order, you must not allow the Centurions to lay hold of your body. In the early years of Lori's imprisonment, she wouldn't be able to write to us. Here's the latest from her website as of Aug 23
Virtual Eugene Oregon the sound file that loads with this page is a great intro to Eugene - but the links to Quicktime files are temporarily down until I post the clips to a new server. Most are from performances at Chez Ray's, including some fine local blues players -ed. 09-12-2003

"...My thanks to "" for visiting the Virtual Republic. I'd like to know how you managed to download 400kb of data in 37 files with a record of zero visits..." "military intelligence" is interested in this?!

June 15, 2001

JavaZOOM Chat
Last night they had some good discussions going: the chatroom just opened again.
no more servlets - ed. 09-12-2003

June 05, 2001

Portland IndyMedia Center -
Picksweet Fined $7,475 for safety violations... at the Salem, OR Pictsweet Mushroom Farm

June 03, 2001

Valdez Still a Victim of Exxon
In 1994 a federal district court jury ordered Exxon to pay $5 billion in punitive damages to 30,000 natives, fishermen, and businesses suffering economic hardship because of the spill. To date, Exxon hasn't turned over a penny in satisfaction of that judgment. In fact, the company is earning $400 million a year in interest on the money

May 30, 2001

link temporarily down Officers sprayed pepper gas directly into victims eyes from a distance of 3 inches. Activists win court victory in police torture case

May 28, 2001

COINTELPRO, FBI Counterintelligence, Covert Operations, Black Bag Jobs, Church Committee "... the FBI uses taxpayer dollars to fund its extreme and ridiculous investigations of anyone who expresses dissenting opinions, even resorting to crime -- including theft, encouragement to murder, subornation of perjury, and manipulation of the judicial process -- to achieve its ends..."
Notice how Blogger always goes down in the face of political controversy? I'm about ready to give up on them completely. When I do, I'll be offering a similar service on a service behind a firwall overseas with an STM-4 connection. Seriously.

April 27, 2001

Quebec Legal Collective "Corporate Media Defined here as operating under the influence of established interests, these organizations are usually run for-profit. They are (generally) organized under a corporate charter, with the intention of turning a substantial profit for their shareholders. They thus operate to the benefit of the established power structure, as a result of this shareholder and other profit-centered relationships. While some media organizations are technically non-profit, such as some news services, ultimately they still operate within, and to the benefit of, said power structure. In addition, although some organizations listed here may provide content that does not appear to be influenced by established interests, these organizations either operate under umbrella corporations, and/or are in potentially influencing relationships (e.g., advertising) with the said power structure..."

April 26, 2001

Free Lori Now! - Recent News (Chicago Tribune - 24 April 2001) "I am to be condemned for my concern about the conditions of hunger and misery that exist in this country. "There are no criminal terrorists" in Tupac Amaru, she added. In her current court proceedings, which have been broadcast live, Berenson still has refused to condemn the guerrillas. She says she is innocent and calls herself a political prisoner. "The Peruvian legal system still has a long way to go to give real guarantees" of justice, she told the court in fluent Spanish recently.
JFK vs. The Federal Reserve "The high office of the President has been used to foment a plot to destroy the American's freedom and before I leave office, I must inform the citizen of this plight." Nov. 12, 1963
Journalists Protest Gag Order "The Electronic Frontier Foundation will represent a Seattle journalist collective that is the target of a police probe and court-imposed gag order..." Allegedly, this concerns stolen security plans for the Summit of the Americas in Quebec published by Seattle Indymedia. Indymedia has promised they will hold a news conference before the weekend.
0zone Layer Cake It's not that we've forgotten about the Bush/Mulroney Gold Mining scam - but we we had to post a complete story of the FBI raid at - now we're playing hardball.
Write To Lori Berenson This woman has suffered enough! Please visit this website, and for the cost of a POSTAGE STAMP you can send a letter to New York, and the people there will forward your letter to her! Please follow the guidelines on the website to make sure your letter reaches her. Recibe mi sincera solidaridad!
BBC News | AMERICAS | Fujimori 'linked to corruption' "Peru's anti-corruption prosecutor, Jose Ugaz, has said the disgraced former President Alberto Fujimori had direct links to the theft of millions of dollars in state funds... Mr Fujimori's 10-year rule ended in November last year after he fled to Japan, amid mounting corruption scandals surrounding his fugitive former spy chief, Vladimiro Montesinos. And by the way, where is Lori Berenson?

April 24, 2001

0zone Layer Cake is currently logging evidence of the Barrick Gold Mine scandal - the Canadian connection of Iran-Contra

April 23, 2001

FTAA SPECIAL NEWS BLAST | Saturday, April 21, 2001] "...breaking stories, photos, video, and audio from the Independent Media Center Network on ... covering the Summit of the Americas Free Trade Area of the Americas negotiation and solidarity actions worldwide." News not available elsewhere!

April 19, 2001

Haiti Progres April 18, 2001 - English section "In press conferences, radio programs, and street demonstrations, former Aristide allies and even members of his own party, the Lavalas Family (FL), have begun to denounce the new government's rightward swing ..." Where else has this been reported?
Free Trade Area of the Americas- FTAA Here's the text of the new trade agreement that has been kept secret for so long. Not much time for the affected populations to study 2000 pages of text before the meeting in the walled fortress that is now Quebec.

April 17, 2001

Today is the 40th anniversary of the CIA backed invasion of Cuba. Read the secret details at the National Security Archive Electronic Briefing Book: The ULTRASENSITIVE Bay of Pigs "Shortly after the CIA's botched paramilitary invasion of Cuba at the Bay of Pigs, President John F. Kennedy established a commission to investigate the failure and to consider whether the United States should conduct similar covert operations in the future..."
Press Freedom Conference Amy Goodman from"Democracy Now" will give the keynote address on "Building Media Freedom" It would be worth the trip just for the sake of Amy's address!
School of the Americas and Drugs From Haiti In January 2000, US Custom found the first of five cocaine hauls welded deep within the steel hulls of "Haitian" freighters ...registered in Honduras, where Haitian expatriate Col. Joseph Michel Francois lives. Francois, a graduate of the infamous US Army's School of the Americas, is under a 13-count indictment in Miami, and the DEA has filed an extradition request for him."

April 16, 2001

Sorry about the broken link to my Newsroom over in the right column - it's now fixed, and will take you quickly to an alternative selection of breaking news.
Check out InterAct This temporary site will soon be empowered with it's own unique URL and publicity campaign. get in on the ground floor!

April 15, 2001

Free Lori Berenson Why is it that US Citizen Lori Berenson fails to get the consistent support that our government still provides for multinational entities like ALCOA and Nike? Do I have to keep pointing out that her Peruvian captors were trained at Fort Benning, Georgia? After 5 years of captivity, her second trial continues, as reported by the Boston Globe: "Although it makes possible her exoneration, the retrial in a Peruvian civilian court of former MIT student Lori Berenson on charges of ''terrorist collaboration'' flouts the principle that a defendant should not be subject to double jeopardy. The second trial also suggests that despite the fall of President Alberto Fujimori and his corrupt spy chief Vladimiro Montesinos, Peru remains a sham democracy." Take note: a bipartisan measure to CLOSE the School of the Americas failed by only 10 votes in the house of representative last year, but instead it was renamed as the Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation

March 25, 2001

Rights groups urge continued suspension of military ties The East Timor Action Network (ETAN) and the Indonesia Human Rights Network (IHRN) have urged the new Bush administration to keep military ties between the U.S. and Indonesia suspended, saying the Indonesian military has yet to make crucial reforms.

March 24, 2001

FTAA Petition to Ottawa City Council "The FTAA and the GATS threaten the ability of municipal government to maintain local flexibility and to act in the interests of citizens, local business and the environment. Citing this, the Vancouver City Council and the Union of British Columbia Municipalities have passed resolutions asking the federal government to work for significant reform of such deals..."
Allan Nairn in Indonesia Your Tax Dollars.. Making The World Safe For Nike "I went with Amy Goodman of WBAI/Pacifica radio and stood on the corner between the soldiers and the Timorese. We thought that if the Indonesian forces saw that foreigners were there, they would hold back and not attack the crowd. But as we stood there, watching as the soldiers marched into our face, the inconceivable began to happen. The soldiers rounded the corner, never breaking stride, raised their rifles, and fired in unison into the crowd. Timorese were backpedaling, gasping, trying to flee, but in seconds they were cut down by the hail of fire. People fell, stunned and shivering, bleeding in the road, and the Indonesian soldiers kept on shooting. I saw the soldiers aiming and shooting people in the back, leaping bodies to hunt down those who were still standing. They executed schoolgirls, young men, old Timorese; the street was wet with blood, and the bodies were everywhere. As the soldiers were doing this, they were beating me and Amy [Goodman]; they took our cameras and our tape recorders and grabbed Amy by the hair and punched and kicked her in the face and in the stomach. When I put my body over her, they focused on my head. They fractured my skull with the butts of their M-16s..."
Indonesia's Generals on Trial in U.S. Courts "Major General Adam Damiri ... ordered the commanders to plan a crackdown should the East Timorese vote in favor of independence..."

March 23, 2001

Committee to Free Lori Berenson On Thursday, Lori declared her innocence before the court and offered testimony. Her next court appearance will be on Tuesday, March 27.

March 19, 2001

Indonesia: Political crisis ... "...peaceful political activists in Papua are being silenced behind prison bars," Amnesty International said..."

March 18, 2001

Narco News Solidarity Letter from Gary Webb "..The national news media, instead of using its brute strength to force the truth from our government, decided that its time would be better spent investigating me and my reporting..." Pulitzer Prize Winner, Gary Webb

March 17, 2001

0zone Layer Cake Work for justice and InterAct! 0zone Layer Cake needs your vote to win the ratings game at Bloghop - Vote Green!

March 16, 2001

0zone Layer Cake "...Sites are being co-opted and shut down for the minor sin of saying something bad about the advertising provider..."

March 15, 2001

NetSlaves: Comments "...While they work on their passions, other people openly and shamelessly take advantage of them. Sites are being co-opted and shut down for the minor sin of saying something bad about the advertising provider..."
Native American leader and Poet John Trudell on on tour giving spoken word performances across the country. Tomorrow, Thursday March 15, he will be at WOW Hall in Eugene. Other local performances include: -Friday March 16, First Unitarian Church Hall (Downtown PDX) -Saturday March 17 Capital Theatre,Olympia, WA -Sunday March 18 Rainier Unitarian Performance Hall Seattle, WA For more about John and his new album visit Blue Indians

March 14, 2001

Republicans Defeat Effort To Put Medicare Surplus In Lockbox "...Republicans defeated a measure yesterday that would have kept the Medicare surplus from being spent on anything other than Medicare or debt reduction..."
BBC News | ASIA-PACIFIC | Athletes urged to rethink Nike ties athletes considering sponsorship deals with Nike should visit the Indonesian factories to see conditions there for themselves.

March 13, 2001

InterAct Human Rights Alliance (HRA) meeting happens this Wednesday, 8pm, in the Ben Linder Room (groundfloor of the EMU), Eugene, Oregon.
Blue Green: Environmental Issues; News and Opinions One of the greatest Blogs on Bloghop, and hardly any votes! Give them a Green Smile Vote Early and Vote Often! this one belongs on the front page of the ratings

March 11, 2001

Moss Blog "The Oregon Islands National Wildlife Refuge was intended to protect seabirds and marine mammals, and it does a good job of that. Every island off the Oregon coast is part of the refuge, EXCEPT ONE..."

March 10, 2001

Media Politics "Yes, incivility in political discourse has reached an incredible level when attacks are made on the family members of public figures. It's only fair to point out where there started, though--with the "politics of personal destruction," pioneered by a faction of the far right and imported wholesale into Republican politics..." Join the discusion, take the link above.
Activists Take Ownership Of Nike "Nike Shareholders For Justice" Launched At CEO's Alma Mater (Eugene, OR - March 8, 2001) The Living Wage Project announced the launch of their new program "Nike Shareholders For Justice" on International Women's Day at the University of oregon, the alma mater of Nike CEO, Phil Knight.
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Jim's Journal What would the starving Indonesians Do Without Nike? Jim Keady Responds: "What else would those people be doing?" I have been asked this question so many times. It has almost become the litmus test for whether or not what we are doing here has any meaning. I know that there are a few people who ask the question with genuine concern for the workers. "If they weren't doing this, would they be able to survive? Would they be OK? I'd be worried about them." In the coming weeks, expect to hear more about the LIVING WAGE PROJECT and especially, "NIKE SHAREHOLDERS FOR JUSTICE"

March 08, 2001

Interactive Journalism This is the temporary URL - create an account, post stories and comments. BE THE MEDIA ! Official kick off, April 1, 2001
olympic living wage project 7:00 pm this evening, Thursday, March 8 100 Willamette Hall University of Oregon Eugene, Oregon Jim Keady and Leslie Kretzu will discuss how they lived in an Indonesian slum, starving on Nike wages.
Jobs Available at New Dot Bomb Soon Fools Day will be upon us, along with it's attendant celebrations. The women are busy selecting their formal gowns, while the men prepare special costumes. The air is one of expectation, especially here in Oregon, where we've already had an especially strong first whif of springtime.
Protest.Net: Wear Scarfs To Demand Civil And Political Rights April 2nd! The erosion of civil liberties piling up in Quebec City is driven by the Federal Government, the same Federal Government which signaled to the RCMP to pepper spray students in British Columbia several years ago to prevent embarrassment to the criminal and genocidal leader of Indonesia, President Sukharno, now 'retired.'

February 24, 2001

Senator Strom Thurmond, on tape, reportedly seeks appointment of his wife as successor Senator Strom Thurmond made a videotape for his estranged wife last year urging the governor to appoint her to finish his term if necessary, The State newspaper reported ....

February 23, 2001

Who Is This David Horowitz? Part One 02-21-2001 - Remarks Just a few things before I post Part Two. I already got some fiery comments, and the story is heating up thanks to your collective input, if I may pun -;) A few general remarks before Part Two in this series of bitbytes: I really don't think there's anyone more qualified to inform us about David Horowitz than our local USENET cartoon characters. I expect that at least a few will help out with this project, willingly or not. When burning down banks was the focus of media attention, Horowitz was there. When supplying the Contras in Nicaragua against the explicit will of congress became intrigue of the moment, Horowitz was there. When offered the plum assignment of converting Hollywood to the Gospel of the Right Wing, Horowitz finally had the Ultimate Meal Ticket. He vigorously pursues his mission by attacking personalities who oppose whatever ideology he is currently fronting - at whatever cost - be it slander, libel, burning bridges or burning banks, for over 3 decades, Horowitz has proven his ability to sustain a scorched earth policy toward whatever end is most profitable to his career. In the coming days, we'll browse some snapshots of that career from different viewpoints. -fox --

February 22, 2001

Silver Fox is currently presenting Who Is David Horowitz? a series of short USENET lectures with web references. Realo is archiving the series in BLOG WORLD The lectures themselves will be posted in 0zone Layer Cake, and the commentaries will be posted in the other Blogs as appropriate. Part One is already up, and Part Two will be showing up on various USENET groups late today.
FAIR REPORT: Fear & Favor 2000 In a 2000 Pew Center for the People & the Press poll of 287 reporters, editors and news executives, about one-third of respondents said that news that "hurt the financial interests" of the media organization or an advertiser goes unreported. Forty-one percent said they themselves have avoided stories, or softened their tone, to benefit their media company's interests. Among investigative reporters, a majority (61 percent) thought that corporate owners exert at least a fair amount of influence on news decisions.

February 21, 2001

BBC News | NEWSNIGHT | Florida transcript - 16/2/01 Here's a transcript from the BBS showing how Bush's men tried to block an investigation of the Election Theft - by calling the State Police PALAST: Let me just show you the contract if I could Mr Roberts. It says here in the contract that the verification is supposed to be done by DBT. That you paid them $4 million. It could look to others don't you think that you paid $4 million to purchase this election for the Republican party. 95% wrong on the felon list. Mr Roberts, could you answer the question regarding the contract ... Instead, Mr Roberts called out State troopers. It's interesting here? STATE TROOPER: Oh, man! Never a dull moment. Full story at the BBS web site

February 20, 2001

0zone Layer Cake "...This is the first time Database/ChoicePoint has ever divulged its methology, which effectively removed 174,000 names from Florida's active voting file," Names were removed from the Florida voter datadase on the basis of race, thus supporting the claims of many of color were turn turned away from the poles because they were "dead".

February 18, 2001

Thanks to "Johnny Asia" of alt.activism - Last night, one of the BBC channels in the U.K. aired an investigative piece on how Gov. Jeb Bush's administration carried out its operation to ensure that George W. Bush would "win" Florida. It still can be seen, however, at the BBC's Newsnight Web site The URL is: In Real Video An alternative site watch snippets from the BBC coverage of Jeb Bush's operation to ensure that his bro would "win" Florida: .stm Hail The Thief

February 17, 2001

from a discussion on alt.culture.oregon - "The gas tax is a perfect example of an effective vice tax"

February 14, 2001

Federal Budget Spending, National Debt, Deficit So what's the big deal about a big debt? We have to pay interest on it and it's the largest expense in the federal budget. It is keeping money from the projects we really need! Last year we spent $362 Billion just on interest. Compare that to NASA at $14 Billion, Education at $32 Billion, and roads at $41 Billion.
"A clique of U.S. industrialists is hell-bent to bring a fascist state to supplant our democratic government and is working closely with the fascist regime in Germany and Italy. I have had plenty of opportunity in my post in Berlin to witness how close some of our American ruling families are to the Nazi regime. . . Certain American industrialists had a great deal to do with bringing fascist regimes into being in both Germany and Italy. They extended aid to help Fascism occupy the seat of power, and they are helping to keep it there." - William E. Dodd, U.S. Ambassador to Germany, 1937. -Facts and Fascism, George Seldes, p. 122 Trading with the Enemy, Charles Higham, p.167
Herald-Tribune Newscoast Main Stories "I am absolutely shocked," said Nancy Krauss of Punta Gorda. "I wish this would have come out before the election. My husband voted for Bush. I don't think he would have voted for him if he would have known."

February 10, 2001

Live, IRC connected webchat for BLOGGERS at the Virtual Republic. take the Web Tools link. The #0zone channel is ours! (btw the first character is "zero", not "oh").

February 08, 2001

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Free Pacifica Radio: Fighting for community control and democracy at Pacifica Radio Network TELL THE ATTORNEY GENERAL OF CALIFORNIA TO SEIZE THE PACIFICA BOOKS NOW!
This Is What Democracy Looks Like Not the democracy that comes from more money and therefore more choices of things to buy, but rather the democracy of participation in local and society-wide economic decisions. This is the democracy that corporate globalization gazes so harshly on.

February 07, 2001

Back in November, I had blogged several references about the Letellier assassination and looked forward to the release of government documents that would support some of the assertions in George Bush: The Unauthorized Biography Steven has blogged many of the actual documents at 0zone Layer Cake
Vladimiro Montesinos - The Declassified Record From the National Security Archive: "The Archive, which has led campaigns to declassify secret U.S. documents on Guatemala, Chile, El Salvador and elsewhere in Latin America, said it would press for full disclosure of hundreds of U.S. records on Montesinos, including CIA documents on covert relations with President Fujimori's disgraced intelligence chieftain."
More about a School of the Americas Graduate- Vladimiro Montesinos - The Declassified Record as early as October 1990, U.S. army intelligence analysts were already referring to Fujimori as “in the hip pocket of the National Intelligence Service (Servicio Inteligencia Nacional –SIN),” and as “particularly influenced by Vladimiro Montesinos.” ....
0zone Layer Cake "...In 1933, Hitler covertly set fire to the Reichstag and then, lacking any incriminating evidence, blamed his opponents and used the situation to gain political advantage. In 2001, the White House is "vandalized". There has been no incriminating evidence produced..."

February 03, 2001

Most of the Virtual Republic is up, and with new artwork. Become a Virtual Republican -;) Take the link in the previous post, then follow the fool icon home.

February 01, 2001

Virtual Eugene Oregon Has moved to a faster server. The DNS isn't up yet, but this link will work.

January 28, 2001

0zone Layer Cake For more documentation about the Bastard Administration.
PFAW | Oppose Ashcroft | PFAW New Ad "...four of the areas in which John Ashcroft misrepresented or evaded the facts of his own record in sworn testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee..." Read the article. Write to your senator. STOP ASHCROFT!

January 27, 2001 dare I say cyberpunk?More than that. good coverage of last weeks' multi-timezone web attack. geekgrl, text archive, many goodies.
FAIR Resources: Pacifica Radio
FAIR Press Release: Prominent Progressives Suggest New Board Members for Pacifica Radio an effort to establish a new beginning for the nonprofit radio network
Hackers Deface Government "Web Sites On Three Continents The attacks may be tied to protests over U.S. government responses to California's power crisis and Bush administration support for oil drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge."

January 26, 2001

Hailing the Thief The international press was more honest: Mexico's La Jornada put a photo of the protests on its front page, just above an image of Bush being sworn in; Britain's The Guardian headlined their inauguration story "Bush faces jeers, not cheers" and snidely mentioned American TV commentators trying "their best to talk over the boos, adopting a pomp-and-ceremony tone for the occasion."
Peru Courts Order Editor Arrest in Spy Chief Probe (Reuters - 19 January 2001) "It was the highest profile arrest order since prosecutors shook Peru's establishment by revealing last week they were combing hundreds of videos secretly filmed by spy chief Vladimiro Montesinos of meetings with top public figures." Montesinos was trained at the School of the Americas Close the School of the Americas Now!
An excerpt from the previous post about the Mai Lai Massacre, that occurred under the watch of Colin Powell: "All three tiers in the chain of command were literally flying overhead while it was going on."
From USENET: hc23hc wrote: Stan Rothwell wrote: > > "Dave" wrote . > > Don't tell me it was all because of a mere lieutenant! > > Powell's signature was on the body count: even the > > official cover story doesn't hide that fact. > > It occurred under his watch, and he made full use > > of official deniability, typical of the Bush family > > and their allies. > > Was Powell present? Did he order it? You're really asking what happened, or just being sarcastic ? The My Lai massacre was not accidental, but a command decision. An excellent book on the subject of US military and CIA planned extermination programs of that era is Douglas Valentine's "The Phoenix Program". See also Cockburn & St. Clair's "Whiteout" from which: At 7:30 a.m. on March 16, 1968, Task Force Barker descended on the small hamlet of My Lai in the Quang Nai province of South Vietnam. Two squads cordoned off the village and one, led by Lieutenant William Calley, moved in and, accompanied by US Army Intelligence officers, began to slaughter all the inhabitants, Over the next eight hours US soldiers methodically killed 504 men, women and children. As the late Ron Ridenhour, who first exposed the massacre, said ... "Above My Lai were helicopters filled with the entire command staff of the brigade, division and task force. All three tiers in the chain of command were literally flying overhead while it was going on. It takes a long time to kill 600 people. It's a dirty job, you might say. These guys were flying overhead from 7:30 in the morning, when the unit first landed and began to move into those hamlets. They were there at least two hours, at 500 feet, 1000 feet and 1500 feet." In defense of Operation Phoenix, Nixon is quoted by the NYT's Seymour Hersch as insisting: "We must have more of this. Assassinations. Killings."
A long post is coming. It's long, and may scroll some other interesting things out of site. Go to the archives, that's all I can say. I'll bring the same issues back again.

January 25, 2001

What does Democracy look like? See the police riot that the media refused to show us in the film of the Seattle WTO protests, with footage by 100 independent witnesses with a voiceover by Susan Sarandon. TODAY Thursday January 25 at 7:00 "This Is What Democracy Looks Like" First United Methodist Church 1376 Olive Street, Eugene Oregon suggested donation $3-10
Low Power FM Radio All But Doomed: Colin Powell's Son Handed Reins of FCC (mp3) (english) by John Hamilton, Madison, Wisconsin 7:29pm Tue Jan 23 '01 hear the sounds of the street (sound: mp3 @ 3.0 megs) IndyMedia
World Social Forum Seeks a 'Possible World' by Mario Osava RIO DE JANEIRO - Environmental matters rank high on the agenda of the World Social Forum, which from Jan 25 to 30 will make Porto Alegre, in southern Brazil, the international capital for those who seek to build alternative strategies for global development. ...known as the ''anti-Davos'' ... Thanks yet again, Jenn
Pro-Globalization Forces Get Taste of Own Medicine by Naomi Klein Every year since 1971, executives of the richest multinational corporations have met with the most powerful heads of state in an alpine village in Switzerland. The bible of Davos is the "Global Competitiveness Report," measuring the success of nations based a "Growth Competitiveness Index."

January 23, 2001

Virtual Eugene Oregon Sign up for free email at my home page Scroll past the free offers if you're in a hurry, and the system works in any browser. Anywhere. Anytime.
PNN Reporters' Strike Page "Pacifica executive director Bessie Wash, accompanied by a newly hired security guard company, changed the WBAI locks in the middle of the night Friday. WBAI staff are now locked out of the building, and are being admitted only on a "controlled entry" basis until further notice." Interesting that the hammer would come down in time to prevent honest coverage of the INAUGURAUCTION Fight to save free speech! Support the strikers at Pacifica Radio!
Well, Mr. Alcoa Aluminum himself - that economics genius Paul O'Neill has gone on record against the idea of a tax cut. Bravo! I still think we should take a look at the past role of Alcoa in the progress of Globalization, and its true cost.

January 21, 2001

Even though it's not finished, I'm still sending people to The Library of Progress where you can learn about our president's Nazi past, and who's who in the CIA's illegal domestic operations.
Refuse to USE and be USED! Refuse to use- OIL ALUMINUM FOIL do you believe in alternatives, or do you practice empty rhetoric?
ballot initiative in Oregon: refuse to recognize the validity of the Bastard Administration
By the time I got downtown, they'd gotten tired of "preaching to the choir". There's not much of a need here in Eugene to "demonstrate" the illegitimacy of the PUPPET PRESIDENT (wild, strangelovian gestures) the thought of revolution excites me. Colin Powell got a sweet deal - he didn't have to mount a national campaign. The idiot did the footwork for him. So who's the boss? They've got the braintrust of the global oligarchy in the oval orfice now. the genius O'Niell, warrior Cheney and consumate politician Powell. Yes, consumate politician.

January 20, 2001

The Crowley Files In 1973, there were large protests in Washington because of the war in Vietnam. Today, a war is being fought against the people of America. And the Global Oligarchy has won a major battle. End the Bastard Administration Now
The Crowley Files Buses have been rolling in to Washington D.C since 5:00am The march on the supreme court building begins in a few minutes.
The Crowley Files At least we know we have a PUPPET president, and whose PUPPET he is. Now it's time to get rid of the little bastard and his whole cadre of spooks and murderers. End the Bastard Administration Now.
GEORGE BUSH: THE UNAUTHORIZED BIOGRAPHY the calendar of the Eugene Weekly announces an "anti-inaugural rally" at 10:00am Wayne Morse Free Speech Plaza - Downtown Eugene "Signs are ecouraged" wake up!
granted, the Library of Progress is nowhere near complete, but it is nonetheless the best possible place to study up for the RIOT oops I meant demonstration tomorrow. The Bush Bio is available as 8 neatly paginated pdf files, or browsable in frames. Likewise, Crowley's list of over 2900 CIA contacts, complete with the appropriate caveats and original links.
Newsroom the Portland Indymedia link: "We the people of Portland are outraged!" Portlanders will demonstrate their outrage at Pioneer Square on January 20th at 2:00 PM with an open speakers' forum.

January 19, 2001

Newsroom (from BBC World - this cabinet choice got very limited press in the United States of Amerika!) Dubya... "...has nominated Paul O'Neill, the chairman of multi-national aluminum company Alcoa .. secretary of the treasury." and the democrats cheered! there is Bauxite in Indonesia - and decades of oppression. there is Bauxite in Africa - and decades of oppression. Wherever there is Bauxite, there is Alcoa. And decades of oppression. Globalization? Sieg Heil!
Virtual Eugene Oregon ANNOUNCEMENT! my main Blog now loads about 20x faster - the audio greeting is now optional. More sound and video will be soon be added to Almost Live
Top Stories at three Greenpeace-USA activists...used ropes and pulleys to lower themselves outside the .. Interior Department's headquarters, unfurling a red-white-and- blue banner that read, ``Bush and Norton: Our Land, Not Oil Land!''
You've probably observed a mysterious silence on this Blog while all the Bush cabinet bozos matched by. The choice of former Alcoa CEO Paul O'Neill, amid cheers from Democrats ices the cake for me. Anyone reading a weblog dedicated to "Green Issues" and the "Fight against globalization" knows that Alcoa has been key to our systematic oppression of South America. It's clear at this point that our hemisphere is lost to fascism, and our only hope is with those who were brave enough and conscious enough to put their lives on the line in Seattle and Prague.
Top Stories at "a District of Columbia rule requiring that people have written permission from the chief of police to make speeches in public, had already been declared unconstitutional in 1976 by another judge." What does this teach us? Who would even try to attempt such a flagrant violation of our basic human rights? In our nations capital! Be ever vigilant or the NAZI police will encroach on your rights as an American citizen to the extent that they can. Never stop fighting back! Who would imagine that a chief of police should ever have to right to determine if a speech could be read in public! The fact that this HAD TO GO TO COURT is a sad commentary on Amerika! Who can afford to take issues of our basic freedoms to court again and again? Well, who can afford to buy the presidency by brainwashing and intimidating the populace? Without even getting a majority of votes? Don't sit still for fascism. We fought it in the 40s in spite of the Bush family's support of Adolph Hitler. They had property confiscated in 1943 for "trading with the enemy" and the records are still available from the department of state. Today they are. Next week they just might be classified. Give this administration the axe before it even gets started. This is a BASTARD administration and good reason for the type of revolution that Thomas Jefferson forsaw.
Top Stories at three Greenpeace-USA activists...used ropes and pulleys to lower themselves outside the .. Interior Department's headquarters, unfurling a red-white-and- blue banner that read, ``Bush and Norton: Our Land, Not Oil Land!''
what we need to do for the INAUGURAUCTION is find a cute pizza delivery girl from Texas to give Dubya a down-home greetin' for his first day in the oval orfice. Start things out the the real Republican way.
"Fresh Green Blog" comes to you from Eugene Oregon - and once again I'd like to cut the polital blather for a moment to put in a plug for one of our local artists- Nancy Bright With the Saturday Market closed until Spring, Nancy's income has dropped to about zero, in spite of the 10,000+ visitors she's had at her gallery. Her greeting cards are actually less expensive than the "commercial" variety, and prints are also available at reasonable prices. I'm posting this to help support a local artist, whose images are well known throughout Oregon. Avoid those cluttered shopping sites - Nancy has an 800#. Cards by Nancy Bright

January 18, 2001

Newsroom check the IndyMedia frame for updates to the Washington DC _ INAUGURAUCTION _
The People's Inaugural Ball Benton County Fairgrounds Corvalis, Oregon Music and alternative festivities! Details in the Eugene Weekly
Leading Human Rights Groups Oppose Renewed Funding for Colombia (Human Rights Watch Press release, Washington, DC, January 12, 2001)
Gallery of Peruvian Torturers and Killers Trained in the U$A...
jan17ftbpress Colombian graduates have been implicated in recent atrocities and have been tied to paramilitary death squads.
jan17ftbpress Seven Arrested Protesting SOA Name Change on Ft. Benning; Supported by Protests World-Wide

January 15, 2001

Newsroom check the IndyMedia frame for updates to the Washington DC _ INAUGURAUCTION _
Library of Progress check out the Bush biography here- and excellent place to study for the _____INAUGURAUCTION_______
Jan17 A prelude to the "festivities" of the nationwide INAUGURAUCTION "This day is the culmination of the Pentagon's smoke and mirrors PR campaign to give the SOA a new image. Let's take this opportunity to create our own media events and make our voices heard throughout the land. Let the new Congress, Administration and the Pentagon know that we are not fooled"

January 13, 2001

I have to bring this to the top again, while I try to screw up my courage to call KLCC and ask them to play the strikers broadcast - it's available as a realaudio file from the srtike site. PNN Reporters' Strike Page Once again, within the world of "Independent Media" the saga of Pacifica Radio demands our focus: It's an all out war as of January 8 - "WBAI producer Peter Bochan announced on the air this morning that his work has been censored...Democracy Now! host Amy Goodman's voice had also been truncated and altered..." Visit their site for the whole story.

January 11, 2001

PNN Reporters' Strike Page Let other journalists, activists, and free speech supporters know what is happening at Pacifica and encourage them to get involved before it is too late. Click here for the online information archive -- documents you can distribute via email lists, or print from the web to distribute at meetings.
School of the Americas Watch the people are not fooled by this attempt to disassociate the SOA (School of the Americas) from its brutal past and continue with business as usual
Peru Online Networks The top english-language story here is the attempt to impeach Clinton (?!) Worse yet, another Peru internet info source, Perulinks, is run from Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Bush Part 6 "One of the assassins of Letelier ... worked for David Atlee Phillips in Chile. In 1975, Phillips founded AFIO, the Association of Former Intelligence Officers, which has supported George Bush in every campaign he has waged since that time..."
PNN Reporters' Strike Page Once again, within the world of "Independent Media" the saga of Pacifica Radio demands our focus: It's an all out war as of January 8 - "WBAI producer Peter Bochan announced on the air this morning that his work has been censored...Democracy Now! host Amy Goodman's voice had also been truncated and altered..." Visit their site for the whole story.
The Public Education Center "... a non-profit organization devoted to educating both the public and the media about the major national security and environmental issues of the day.." According to Joe Trento, this organization owns the Crowley Files, the final gift of former CIA agent Robert Trumbull Crowley

January 10, 2001

GEORGE BUSH: THE UNAUTHORIZED BIOGRAPHY "By their role-call votes of January 12, 1991, the Senate and the House of Representatives authorized Bush's planned war measures to restore the Emir of Kuwait, who owns and holds chattel slaves." Follow the money. Take back the Nation.
Today is the 10th anniversary of the Gulf War outrage. Never again should we tolerate a news blackout. Never again should we allow ourselves to be manipulated like sheep by the global oligarchy - freedom of the press. Absolute freedom of the press is the only chance that we have if we wish to evolve as a democracy. We need to act pre-emptively at every turn during the new reign of the family Bush or 10 years hence, we will no doubt be observing the 10th anniversary of some new, unthinkable outrage. Be the Press! Free the people!

January 07, 2001

Stop using so much gasoline! Why is the price so high after all? I propose a "day without oil". By the time it rolls around next year, we'll be ready, and it will be a celebration, Use, Use Use the alternatives you know.

January 06, 2001

Virtual Eugene Oregon another blog you may have visited - with an audio greeting from Eugene, Oregon . Help me! I want some feedback about the audio greeting, such as, does the audio plugin load properly, etc. The page uses the generic audio plugin for IE and Navigator to play the greeting as the page loads. Does it work for you? email - DAVE

January 05, 2001 During the Clinton administration we experienced a mild, respite from covert action against domestic organizations. It's over. Any group opposing white house policies will be infiltrated and harrassed by the exact same tactics that have been used during operations such as COINTELPRO. And don't look forward to any declassification of goverment documents. In fact, if you have any recently declassified materials, especially those that possibly implicate George Bush in the Letellier murder, it is important to share them as widely as possible, and archive them. They will be re-classified and perhaps "destroyed' in the same way that the declassified documents from MKULTRA were destroyed when Carter and his DCI, Admiral Turner. left office in 1980. Learn quick, or die. I'm reading a text they have about COINTELPRO revisited. for those of you for whom recent history has been erased - COINTELPRO was an attack by the government intellegence agencies on all forms of public protest against US policies. It began as a reaction to the anti-war movement and by the time it was exposed it had included among its victims leaders of every type of civil protest. is an important resource for the dark days coming under the new fascist regime.

January 04, 2001

announcements of new postings to the Library of Progress including PDF files of the increasingly popular Bush bio will be posted in the Upgrade Blog later today. Also check there for web design and hosting offers. Complete packages, including design, registration, fees, and hosting are available for as little as US$100. No, your website doesn't have to look like this one, but certainly something similar would be an option
Impeach George W. Bush " attempt to impeach GW could be based on major felony crimes going back in a continuous lineage to his grandfather and continuing to the present day."

January 02, 2001

0zone Layer Cake "...The problem of over-population, the problem just of feeding people is going to be a more and more serious one; encroachment on the environment, possible catastrophe from damage to the ozone layer, and so on..." Linus Pauling
Library of Progress Hostile forces are have taken over our capital: here is the first chapter of the history of the family Bush. After you read this, and check the references, you will be much less likely to wonder why I insist on calling them Nazi fascists. They are, in fact, part of the original wave of fascism that came to power in Germany in the 30s, when they played a pivotal roll in financing the 3rd reich from their offices in New York and London. GEORGE BUSH:THE UNAUTHORIZED BIOGRAPHY

January 01, 2001

Portland IndyMedia Center - news "...the campaign to execute Mumia Abu-Jamal is carried forward on the wings of official censorship..."
Portland IndyMedia Center - news "...When Pennsylvania authorities cut off Mumia’s access to audio and video journalists, as punishment for publishing his first book, Live from Death Row, Mumia took them into federal court and won..."
Portland IndyMedia Center - news "The federal courts ruled that Pennsylvannia could not single out Mumia for this kind of censorship. The Pennsylvania prison system responded by changing its rules to prevent all Pennsylvania prisoners from being recorded."
Portland IndyMedia Center - news "..People everywhere must speak out against the wall of silence that official are seeking to build around America’s two million prisoners." C.Clark Kissinger * I am "reverse blogging" this story bit by bit...
Happy New Year! here's wishing those champagne corks didn't kill any of you. Speaking of which, I got visits from 7 new military domains since I posted "The Electronic Revolution" by William S. Burroughs. I'm not sure if it was that, or the announcement about the CIA expose' coming soon. Announcements about "data upgrades" apperar in the Upgrade Blog Well- Happy New Year to the entire "intelligence" community, too. You may be watching us, but we are also watching you, and we publish much more frequently. 10,500 page views served last month- and more "redundancy" coming on line soon. woo wee!!
NPR just mentioned the scene from "The Apartment" where Audrey Hepburn is convinced that Jack Lemmon has committed suicide after hearing the explosion of the cork popping from a his bottle of champagne. I haven't a clue what this has to do with Green issues but we are inexorable approaching the Millenium. Looks like we're going to make it OK.