January 19, 2001

Top Stories at Netscape.com "a District of Columbia rule requiring that people have written permission from the chief of police to make speeches in public, had already been declared unconstitutional in 1976 by another judge." What does this teach us? Who would even try to attempt such a flagrant violation of our basic human rights? In our nations capital! Be ever vigilant or the NAZI police will encroach on your rights as an American citizen to the extent that they can. Never stop fighting back! Who would imagine that a chief of police should ever have to right to determine if a speech could be read in public! The fact that this HAD TO GO TO COURT is a sad commentary on Amerika! Who can afford to take issues of our basic freedoms to court again and again? Well, who can afford to buy the presidency by brainwashing and intimidating the populace? Without even getting a majority of votes? Don't sit still for fascism. We fought it in the 40s in spite of the Bush family's support of Adolph Hitler. They had property confiscated in 1943 for "trading with the enemy" and the records are still available from the department of state. Today they are. Next week they just might be classified. Give this administration the axe before it even gets started. This is a BASTARD administration and good reason for the type of revolution that Thomas Jefferson forsaw.