February 23, 2001

Who Is This David Horowitz? Part One 02-21-2001 - Remarks Just a few things before I post Part Two. I already got some fiery comments, and the story is heating up thanks to your collective input, if I may pun -;) A few general remarks before Part Two in this series of bitbytes: I really don't think there's anyone more qualified to inform us about David Horowitz than our local USENET cartoon characters. I expect that at least a few will help out with this project, willingly or not. When burning down banks was the focus of media attention, Horowitz was there. When supplying the Contras in Nicaragua against the explicit will of congress became intrigue of the moment, Horowitz was there. When offered the plum assignment of converting Hollywood to the Gospel of the Right Wing, Horowitz finally had the Ultimate Meal Ticket. He vigorously pursues his mission by attacking personalities who oppose whatever ideology he is currently fronting - at whatever cost - be it slander, libel, burning bridges or burning banks, for over 3 decades, Horowitz has proven his ability to sustain a scorched earth policy toward whatever end is most profitable to his career. In the coming days, we'll browse some snapshots of that career from different viewpoints. -fox --