November 29, 2001

Word Up From Naomi Klein NoLogo "In recent weeks, there has been a severe crackdown on activists (reclassified as "terrorists") in Bolivia and Oscar Olivera has been arrested. This was a big mistake: Olivera has friends around the world and they will be bombarding the authorities with calls for the political charges to be dropped." Olivera is best known for leading the successful campaign of the Bolivian people to protect their water supply from privatization by the faceless multinational Bechtel. Time for us all to show our solidarity, details will follow shortly.
If anyone asks you what a blog is, point them here. That's what Lycos does!

November 25, 2001

Fruits of Excess Capital "The essential difference between the various economic forms of society, between, for instance, a society based on slave labour, and one based on wage labour, lies only in the mode in which this surplus-labour is in each case extracted from the actual producer, the labourer."
Buy Nothing Several major stores were marched through, with chants such as “Shop, Shop, Shop, While the Bombs Drop” until store security escorted folks out..." during the "Buy Nothing Day" action in Portland Oregon. reports of this and more, archived where you can .be the news

November 21, 2001

Close the School of the Americas, Live Coverage"
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... I am still physically bruised from the handcuffs placed on me as I participated in civil disobedience and my tired mind is still catching up with the events that happened..." Chani Geigle-Teller Close It Down! November 21, 2001

November 18, 2001

The Spud - Cards - Shit for Brains - Bush here's a real "terraced" for you.... should he have his day in court, or will a military tribunal suffice?
Over 50 Oregonians arrived in Columbus GA last night to join the annual protest and vigil at the School of the Americas, uncertain as to whether a permit had been granted for their planned procession. In a late-night email, Eugene activist Donna Frasier reported: "Judge Faircloth granted the permit... saying if the Army needed to be protected from this group of nonviolent people then we really were all in trouble."  More coverage will be posted as the action continues to evolve.