December 24, 2001

here's a cute little slide show I made today that I hope you'll enjoy. peace.

December 23, 2001

More opinion in the particular article than news, but soon we'll have some freshly translated reports from the revolution in Argentina: a revolution with profiund economic implications. Until then, from Indymedia we have: "The new provisionary president of Argentina, Adolfo Rodriguez (Peronist) has been nominated by the Congress Assembly. The most important thing that Rodriguez anounced in his speech was that Argentina will temporarily cease paying its foreign debt..."

December 02, 2001

What every activist should know
(link temporarily down -ed.) In Mr. Hoover's own words the purpose of COINTELPRO was "to expose,dirupt,discredit or otherwise neutralize activities" of various activists and organizations that he opposed.
What will you do IF AN AGENT KNOCKS at your door? "Increasingly, agents are visiting the families, friends and employees of these persons..." I say entertain them, as charmingly as possible -ed :)