January 01, 2001

Portland IndyMedia Center - news "...the campaign to execute Mumia Abu-Jamal is carried forward on the wings of official censorship..."
Portland IndyMedia Center - news "...When Pennsylvania authorities cut off Mumia’s access to audio and video journalists, as punishment for publishing his first book, Live from Death Row, Mumia took them into federal court and won..."
Portland IndyMedia Center - news "The federal courts ruled that Pennsylvannia could not single out Mumia for this kind of censorship. The Pennsylvania prison system responded by changing its rules to prevent all Pennsylvania prisoners from being recorded."
Portland IndyMedia Center - news "..People everywhere must speak out against the wall of silence that official are seeking to build around America’s two million prisoners." C.Clark Kissinger * I am "reverse blogging" this story bit by bit...
Happy New Year! here's wishing those champagne corks didn't kill any of you. Speaking of which, I got visits from 7 new military domains since I posted "The Electronic Revolution" by William S. Burroughs. I'm not sure if it was that, or the announcement about the CIA expose' coming soon. Announcements about "data upgrades" apperar in the Upgrade Blog Well- Happy New Year to the entire "intelligence" community, too. You may be watching us, but we are also watching you, and we publish much more frequently. 10,500 page views served last month- and more "redundancy" coming on line soon. woo wee!!
NPR just mentioned the scene from "The Apartment" where Audrey Hepburn is convinced that Jack Lemmon has committed suicide after hearing the explosion of the cork popping from a his bottle of champagne. I haven't a clue what this has to do with Green issues but we are inexorable approaching the Millenium. Looks like we're going to make it OK.