January 11, 2001

PNN Reporters' Strike Page Let other journalists, activists, and free speech supporters know what is happening at Pacifica and encourage them to get involved before it is too late. Click here for the online information archive -- documents you can distribute via email lists, or print from the web to distribute at meetings.
School of the Americas Watch the people are not fooled by this attempt to disassociate the SOA (School of the Americas) from its brutal past and continue with business as usual
Peru Online Networks The top english-language story here is the attempt to impeach Clinton (?!) Worse yet, another Peru internet info source, Perulinks, is run from Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Bush Part 6 "One of the assassins of Letelier ... worked for David Atlee Phillips in Chile. In 1975, Phillips founded AFIO, the Association of Former Intelligence Officers, which has supported George Bush in every campaign he has waged since that time..."
PNN Reporters' Strike Page Once again, within the world of "Independent Media" the saga of Pacifica Radio demands our focus: It's an all out war as of January 8 - "WBAI producer Peter Bochan announced on the air this morning that his work has been censored...Democracy Now! host Amy Goodman's voice had also been truncated and altered..." Visit their site for the whole story.
The Public Education Center "... a non-profit organization devoted to educating both the public and the media about the major national security and environmental issues of the day.." According to Joe Trento, this organization owns the Crowley Files, the final gift of former CIA agent Robert Trumbull Crowley