January 20, 2001

The Crowley Files In 1973, there were large protests in Washington because of the war in Vietnam. Today, a war is being fought against the people of America. And the Global Oligarchy has won a major battle. End the Bastard Administration Now
The Crowley Files Buses have been rolling in to Washington D.C since 5:00am The march on the supreme court building begins in a few minutes.
The Crowley Files At least we know we have a PUPPET president, and whose PUPPET he is. Now it's time to get rid of the little bastard and his whole cadre of spooks and murderers. End the Bastard Administration Now.
GEORGE BUSH: THE UNAUTHORIZED BIOGRAPHY the calendar of the Eugene Weekly announces an "anti-inaugural rally" at 10:00am Wayne Morse Free Speech Plaza - Downtown Eugene "Signs are ecouraged" wake up!
granted, the Library of Progress is nowhere near complete, but it is nonetheless the best possible place to study up for the RIOT ..um oops I meant demonstration tomorrow. The Bush Bio is available as 8 neatly paginated pdf files, or browsable in frames. Likewise, Crowley's list of over 2900 CIA contacts, complete with the appropriate caveats and original links.
Newsroom the Portland Indymedia link: "We the people of Portland are outraged!" Portlanders will demonstrate their outrage at Pioneer Square on January 20th at 2:00 PM with an open speakers' forum.