January 21, 2001

Even though it's not finished, I'm still sending people to The Library of Progress where you can learn about our president's Nazi past, and who's who in the CIA's illegal domestic operations.
Refuse to USE and be USED! Refuse to use- OIL ALUMINUM FOIL do you believe in alternatives, or do you practice empty rhetoric?
ballot initiative in Oregon: refuse to recognize the validity of the Bastard Administration
By the time I got downtown, they'd gotten tired of "preaching to the choir". There's not much of a need here in Eugene to "demonstrate" the illegitimacy of the PUPPET PRESIDENT (wild, strangelovian gestures) the thought of revolution excites me. Colin Powell got a sweet deal - he didn't have to mount a national campaign. The idiot did the footwork for him. So who's the boss? They've got the braintrust of the global oligarchy in the oval orfice now. the genius O'Niell, warrior Cheney and consumate politician Powell. Yes, consumate politician.