January 26, 2001

Hailing the Thief The international press was more honest: Mexico's La Jornada put a photo of the protests on its front page, just above an image of Bush being sworn in; Britain's The Guardian headlined their inauguration story "Bush faces jeers, not cheers" and snidely mentioned American TV commentators trying "their best to talk over the boos, adopting a pomp-and-ceremony tone for the occasion."
Peru Courts Order Editor Arrest in Spy Chief Probe (Reuters - 19 January 2001) "It was the highest profile arrest order since prosecutors shook Peru's establishment by revealing last week they were combing hundreds of videos secretly filmed by spy chief Vladimiro Montesinos of meetings with top public figures." Montesinos was trained at the School of the Americas Close the School of the Americas Now!
An excerpt from the previous post about the Mai Lai Massacre, that occurred under the watch of Colin Powell: "All three tiers in the chain of command were literally flying overhead while it was going on."
From USENET: hc23hc wrote: Stan Rothwell wrote: > > "Dave" wrote . > > Don't tell me it was all because of a mere lieutenant! > > Powell's signature was on the body count: even the > > official cover story doesn't hide that fact. > > It occurred under his watch, and he made full use > > of official deniability, typical of the Bush family > > and their allies. > > Was Powell present? Did he order it? You're really asking what happened, or just being sarcastic ? The My Lai massacre was not accidental, but a command decision. An excellent book on the subject of US military and CIA planned extermination programs of that era is Douglas Valentine's "The Phoenix Program". See also Cockburn & St. Clair's "Whiteout" from which: At 7:30 a.m. on March 16, 1968, Task Force Barker descended on the small hamlet of My Lai in the Quang Nai province of South Vietnam. Two squads cordoned off the village and one, led by Lieutenant William Calley, moved in and, accompanied by US Army Intelligence officers, began to slaughter all the inhabitants, Over the next eight hours US soldiers methodically killed 504 men, women and children. As the late Ron Ridenhour, who first exposed the massacre, said ... "Above My Lai were helicopters filled with the entire command staff of the brigade, division and task force. All three tiers in the chain of command were literally flying overhead while it was going on. It takes a long time to kill 600 people. It's a dirty job, you might say. These guys were flying overhead from 7:30 in the morning, when the unit first landed and began to move into those hamlets. They were there at least two hours, at 500 feet, 1000 feet and 1500 feet." In defense of Operation Phoenix, Nixon is quoted by the NYT's Seymour Hersch as insisting: "We must have more of this. Assassinations. Killings."
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