February 07, 2001

Back in November, I had blogged several references about the Letellier assassination and looked forward to the release of government documents that would support some of the assertions in George Bush: The Unauthorized Biography Steven has blogged many of the actual documents at 0zone Layer Cake
Vladimiro Montesinos - The Declassified Record From the National Security Archive: "The Archive, which has led campaigns to declassify secret U.S. documents on Guatemala, Chile, El Salvador and elsewhere in Latin America, said it would press for full disclosure of hundreds of U.S. records on Montesinos, including CIA documents on covert relations with President Fujimori's disgraced intelligence chieftain."
More about a School of the Americas Graduate- Vladimiro Montesinos - The Declassified Record as early as October 1990, U.S. army intelligence analysts were already referring to Fujimori as “in the hip pocket of the National Intelligence Service (Servicio Inteligencia Nacional –SIN),” and as “particularly influenced by Vladimiro Montesinos.” ....
0zone Layer Cake "...In 1933, Hitler covertly set fire to the Reichstag and then, lacking any incriminating evidence, blamed his opponents and used the situation to gain political advantage. In 2001, the White House is "vandalized". There has been no incriminating evidence produced..."