February 22, 2001

Silver Fox is currently presenting Who Is David Horowitz? a series of short USENET lectures with web references. Realo is archiving the series in BLOG WORLD The lectures themselves will be posted in 0zone Layer Cake, and the commentaries will be posted in the other Blogs as appropriate. Part One is already up, and Part Two will be showing up on various USENET groups late today.
FAIR REPORT: Fear & Favor 2000 In a 2000 Pew Center for the People & the Press poll of 287 reporters, editors and news executives, about one-third of respondents said that news that "hurt the financial interests" of the media organization or an advertiser goes unreported. Forty-one percent said they themselves have avoided stories, or softened their tone, to benefit their media company's interests. Among investigative reporters, a majority (61 percent) thought that corporate owners exert at least a fair amount of influence on news decisions.