March 08, 2001

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olympic living wage project 7:00 pm this evening, Thursday, March 8 100 Willamette Hall University of Oregon Eugene, Oregon Jim Keady and Leslie Kretzu will discuss how they lived in an Indonesian slum, starving on Nike wages.
Jobs Available at New Dot Bomb Soon Fools Day will be upon us, along with it's attendant celebrations. The women are busy selecting their formal gowns, while the men prepare special costumes. The air is one of expectation, especially here in Oregon, where we've already had an especially strong first whif of springtime.
Protest.Net: Wear Scarfs To Demand Civil And Political Rights April 2nd! The erosion of civil liberties piling up in Quebec City is driven by the Federal Government, the same Federal Government which signaled to the RCMP to pepper spray students in British Columbia several years ago to prevent embarrassment to the criminal and genocidal leader of Indonesia, President Sukharno, now 'retired.'