March 10, 2001

Media Politics "Yes, incivility in political discourse has reached an incredible level when attacks are made on the family members of public figures. It's only fair to point out where there started, though--with the "politics of personal destruction," pioneered by a faction of the far right and imported wholesale into Republican politics..." Join the discusion, take the link above.
Activists Take Ownership Of Nike "Nike Shareholders For Justice" Launched At CEO's Alma Mater (Eugene, OR - March 8, 2001) The Living Wage Project announced the launch of their new program "Nike Shareholders For Justice" on International Women's Day at the University of oregon, the alma mater of Nike CEO, Phil Knight.
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Jim's Journal What would the starving Indonesians Do Without Nike? Jim Keady Responds: "What else would those people be doing?" I have been asked this question so many times. It has almost become the litmus test for whether or not what we are doing here has any meaning. I know that there are a few people who ask the question with genuine concern for the workers. "If they weren't doing this, would they be able to survive? Would they be OK? I'd be worried about them." In the coming weeks, expect to hear more about the LIVING WAGE PROJECT and especially, "NIKE SHAREHOLDERS FOR JUSTICE"