March 24, 2001

FTAA Petition to Ottawa City Council "The FTAA and the GATS threaten the ability of municipal government to maintain local flexibility and to act in the interests of citizens, local business and the environment. Citing this, the Vancouver City Council and the Union of British Columbia Municipalities have passed resolutions asking the federal government to work for significant reform of such deals..."
Allan Nairn in Indonesia Your Tax Dollars.. Making The World Safe For Nike "I went with Amy Goodman of WBAI/Pacifica radio and stood on the corner between the soldiers and the Timorese. We thought that if the Indonesian forces saw that foreigners were there, they would hold back and not attack the crowd. But as we stood there, watching as the soldiers marched into our face, the inconceivable began to happen. The soldiers rounded the corner, never breaking stride, raised their rifles, and fired in unison into the crowd. Timorese were backpedaling, gasping, trying to flee, but in seconds they were cut down by the hail of fire. People fell, stunned and shivering, bleeding in the road, and the Indonesian soldiers kept on shooting. I saw the soldiers aiming and shooting people in the back, leaping bodies to hunt down those who were still standing. They executed schoolgirls, young men, old Timorese; the street was wet with blood, and the bodies were everywhere. As the soldiers were doing this, they were beating me and Amy [Goodman]; they took our cameras and our tape recorders and grabbed Amy by the hair and punched and kicked her in the face and in the stomach. When I put my body over her, they focused on my head. They fractured my skull with the butts of their M-16s..."
Indonesia's Generals on Trial in U.S. Courts "Major General Adam Damiri ... ordered the commanders to plan a crackdown should the East Timorese vote in favor of independence..."