April 15, 2001

Free Lori Berenson Why is it that US Citizen Lori Berenson fails to get the consistent support that our government still provides for multinational entities like ALCOA and Nike? Do I have to keep pointing out that her Peruvian captors were trained at Fort Benning, Georgia? After 5 years of captivity, her second trial continues, as reported by the Boston Globe: "Although it makes possible her exoneration, the retrial in a Peruvian civilian court of former MIT student Lori Berenson on charges of ''terrorist collaboration'' flouts the principle that a defendant should not be subject to double jeopardy. The second trial also suggests that despite the fall of President Alberto Fujimori and his corrupt spy chief Vladimiro Montesinos, Peru remains a sham democracy." Take note: a bipartisan measure to CLOSE the School of the Americas failed by only 10 votes in the house of representative last year, but instead it was renamed as the Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation