April 26, 2001

Free Lori Now! - Recent News (Chicago Tribune - 24 April 2001) "I am to be condemned for my concern about the conditions of hunger and misery that exist in this country. "There are no criminal terrorists" in Tupac Amaru, she added. In her current court proceedings, which have been broadcast live, Berenson still has refused to condemn the guerrillas. She says she is innocent and calls herself a political prisoner. "The Peruvian legal system still has a long way to go to give real guarantees" of justice, she told the court in fluent Spanish recently.
JFK vs. The Federal Reserve "The high office of the President has been used to foment a plot to destroy the American's freedom and before I leave office, I must inform the citizen of this plight." Nov. 12, 1963
Journalists Protest Gag Order "The Electronic Frontier Foundation will represent a Seattle journalist collective that is the target of a police probe and court-imposed gag order..." Allegedly, this concerns stolen security plans for the Summit of the Americas in Quebec published by Seattle Indymedia. Indymedia has promised they will hold a news conference before the weekend.
0zone Layer Cake It's not that we've forgotten about the Bush/Mulroney Gold Mining scam - but we we had to post a complete story of the FBI raid at seattle.indymedia.com - now we're playing hardball.
Write To Lori Berenson This woman has suffered enough! Please visit this website, and for the cost of a POSTAGE STAMP you can send a letter to New York, and the people there will forward your letter to her! Please follow the guidelines on the website to make sure your letter reaches her. Recibe mi sincera solidaridad!
BBC News | AMERICAS | Fujimori 'linked to corruption' "Peru's anti-corruption prosecutor, Jose Ugaz, has said the disgraced former President Alberto Fujimori had direct links to the theft of millions of dollars in state funds... Mr Fujimori's 10-year rule ended in November last year after he fled to Japan, amid mounting corruption scandals surrounding his fugitive former spy chief, Vladimiro Montesinos. And by the way, where is Lori Berenson?