June 16, 2001

CIA Installs New Puppet in Peru to Support Plan Columbia "...The new president is Valentin Paniagua who ascended to the post after a series of resignations by several people in line for it.
Committee to Free Lori Berenson Lori Berenson still held prisoner
Closing arguments in the case of political prisoner Lori Berenson ended Monday. She will make a closing statement on June 20, when the court will render it's verdict. 20 violations of due process have been recorded in this second trial.
Lori Berenson is still in prison. A sad reminder of a lesson we haven't learned well enough from the days of Huey Newton: in order to remain effective as a challenge to the established order, you must not allow the Centurions to lay hold of your body. In the early years of Lori's imprisonment, she wouldn't be able to write to us. Here's the latest from her website as of Aug 23
Virtual Eugene Oregon the sound file that loads with this page is a great intro to Eugene - but the links to Quicktime files are temporarily down until I post the clips to a new server. Most are from performances at Chez Ray's, including some fine local blues players -ed. 09-12-2003

"...My thanks to " fw.hq.pacom.mil" for visiting the Virtual Republic. I'd like to know how you managed to download 400kb of data in 37 files with a record of zero visits..." "military intelligence" is interested in this?!