April 11, 2002

"In July, 2002, the G8 will retreat to the hills of Kananaskis, Alberta for its annual gathering. Ensconced in a tiny, well-guarded resort town, the "leaders" of 8 states and their entourages will hide from the protesters who will fill the streets of Calgary and Ottawa and the highways to Kananaskis..."

April 05, 2002

"...We go to Ramallah hospital, ...where the Israelis attempted numerous times to go in and take who they wanted, but hospital staff and foreigners refused to let them in. Anyway, we went there to pick up our reporter and cameraman who were there to tape the burial of numerous martyrs. The reason they were being buried on hospital grounds was because there was no more room in the morgue. Anyway, we are right in front of the hospital and it is packed with demonstrators and doctors and nurses and the ...Israelis start shooting at everyone. Firstly, the curfew had been lifted so we had every right to be out and secondly it was just media, peacekeepers and hospital staff. What the hell were they firing at???" More first-hand accounts of Israeli terrorism sponsored by US tax dollars

April 04, 2002

The Language of Globalization
"Advances in technology could mean either that the same quantity of useful goods and services could be produced with less effort or that, with the same effort, more could be produced... That is not the way things are going, not because technology could not go that way, but because it is directed and harnessed by the power-holders to increase and concentrate their power. It has been used to change the balance of power between classes." Peter Marcuse

April 03, 2002

1545: An ambulance has just come under fire in Ramallah trying to get around IDF tanks and internationals and medical staff were told over a loudspeaker to stay inside the hospital and then the IDF proceeded to open live fire on the hospital. A CBS news television crew was forcibly escorted out of Ramallah by the IDF. As a result, the remaining news crews in the area are concerned that they too may be expelled from the area, a concern which is affecting their ability to cover breaking news to the best of their ability.
Live Reports from IMC Jerusalem, until they disappear.

April 02, 2002

"I and my friends - international peace activists from Italy, France, the US and other countries, some of them of Jewish origin - have come here to act as a human shield in case of any IDF attempt to break in. The government should know that among those determined to face the soldiers unarmed and bar their way is also an Israeli from Tel-Aviv."
Neta Golan

March 30, 2002

Rainforest Action Network - Citigroup Case Studies: OCP Project
The Oleoducto de Crudos Pesados (OCP) is a 298 mile pipeline that will deliver up to 450,000 barrels of heavy crude oil per day from oil reserves in Ecuador's beautiful eastern rainforest to refineries on the Pacific Coast. The project, backed by the OCP Consortium, Ltd., will double Ecuador's oil production capacity, at the expense of the incredibly diverse rainforests that fall in its way.
"Dennis Jett has "has timed an intensely poisonous article against Lori Berenson in the widely read Washington Post to coincide with President Bush's trip to Per?". This is the same Dennis Jett who managed the distribution of hundreds of millions of dollars to SOA graduate Vladimero Montessinos, the virtual dictator of Peru during the Fujimori years."

March 29, 2002

The Campamento Internacional saw a week of protests against the Free Trade Area of the Americas and Plan Colombia, as well as forums and workshops for activists to network and discuss viable alternatives to neoliberalism and capitalism. More coverage and information is available at Indymedia Colombia.
in addition to the new comment-capable blogs, check out the naomi klein interview in a quicktime video made during a speaking tour in norway last year. Fortunately, the interview is in english. Get the free Quicktime player from Apple's site if you don't already have it.

March 14, 2002

A droll letter to the editor in Salem Oregon's "Statesman Journal" finally breaks the ice, comparing the Bush administration to "a fascist regime out of science fiction".Get it while it's .... (they have since moved the story, so I've detleted our link - ed.)

January 27, 2002

The World Economic Forum is, in a way, a big cocktail party for the global corporate elite. In their own words, "they are fully engaged in the process of defining and advancing the global agenda." More specifically, it's our globe, but it's their agenda.

January 23, 2002

the start of Bush's War "Osama bin Laden and the Taliban received threats of possible American military strikes against them two months before the terrorist assaults on New York and Washington...
The Taliban refused to comply but the serious nature of what they were told raises the possibility that Bin Laden, far from launching the attacks on the World Trade Centre in New York and the Pentagon out of the blue 10 days ago, was launching a pre-emptive strike in response to what he saw as US threats."

January 21, 2002

...thousands of students, union members and activists plan to protest in New York City from January 31 to February 4 at the World Economic Forum's annual meeting in what is expected to be the largest American anti-corporate globalization demonstration post-9/11.
We have archived the most recent and comprehensive reports of civilian casualties from the US bombing of Afghanistan, and will post more on this shortly.