March 30, 2002

Rainforest Action Network - Citigroup Case Studies: OCP Project
The Oleoducto de Crudos Pesados (OCP) is a 298 mile pipeline that will deliver up to 450,000 barrels of heavy crude oil per day from oil reserves in Ecuador's beautiful eastern rainforest to refineries on the Pacific Coast. The project, backed by the OCP Consortium, Ltd., will double Ecuador's oil production capacity, at the expense of the incredibly diverse rainforests that fall in its way.
"Dennis Jett has "has timed an intensely poisonous article against Lori Berenson in the widely read Washington Post to coincide with President Bush's trip to Per?". This is the same Dennis Jett who managed the distribution of hundreds of millions of dollars to SOA graduate Vladimero Montessinos, the virtual dictator of Peru during the Fujimori years."

March 29, 2002

The Campamento Internacional saw a week of protests against the Free Trade Area of the Americas and Plan Colombia, as well as forums and workshops for activists to network and discuss viable alternatives to neoliberalism and capitalism. More coverage and information is available at Indymedia Colombia.
in addition to the new comment-capable blogs, check out the naomi klein interview in a quicktime video made during a speaking tour in norway last year. Fortunately, the interview is in english. Get the free Quicktime player from Apple's site if you don't already have it.

March 14, 2002

A droll letter to the editor in Salem Oregon's "Statesman Journal" finally breaks the ice, comparing the Bush administration to "a fascist regime out of science fiction".Get it while it's .... (they have since moved the story, so I've detleted our link - ed.)