November 25, 2003

New Threat to Ecuadoran Rainforest

"they're still doing things that would never even be contemplated
in the United States, Europe or any of the industrialized world,"
said Kenny Bruno, with EarthRights International

...things have changed since the election of Rafael Correa. This short lived threat was mostly abated even prior to his election in 2006.

(11-24-03) Houston Chronicle

Houston-based Burlington Resources has plans to explore the region for oil, despite widespread opposition from local indigenous groups. Burlington and an Argentine company hold rights to explore a combined area of nearly 1 million acres.
That's an area about two-thirds the size of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska, another sensitive region oil companies have eyed for exploration. The Ecuadorian rainforest happens to be closer to Houston. But because this controversy is unfolding in a foreign country, it has gone largely ignored by the U.S. media.

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"Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread...

(11-17) 23:11 PST WASHINGTON (AP)

When the House voted to stop charging wounded soldiers for their hospital food, it had a lot to do with what Rep. Bill Young's wife heard during a bedside visit with the troops.

Read more about this unspeakable outrage....

...and forgive us our trespasses": Jesus Christ

November 20, 2003

Who Supplies Oregon Farm Labor?

    "Many farmers hire labor contractors who will bring to this country Mexican laborers who are paid by the piece or pound or basket.."
No mention of this on the web, although it is a thriving practice among respectable businessmen in Salem, Oregon*.

*pop. 136,924, 2000 census

IMF Attempts Coverup of Illegal Arms Trade

the IMF knew about the charges against its employee and the international warrant that finally led to his capture

    "In June 2001 a parliamentary investigation concluded Baca had illegally countersigned decrees authorising weapons purchases with revenues from state enterprise privatisations that were intended for poverty reduction. ...In September of that year he had to testify in a Peruvian court about his links with former President Fujimori's spy chief Vladimir Montesinos, recently sentenced to five years(?!) in prison for human rights abuses, money laundering, embezzlement and arms deals."

November 18, 2003

Republicans Shut Down Iraq Intelligence Investigation

John D. Rockefeller in today's Washington Post staff recently drafted an options memo on the use or potential misuse of intelligence. The memo, intended only for me, was pilfered from the usually secure Senate intelligence committee and distributed to the media.
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November 07, 2003

They've Learned to Speak the Language

Some nuspeak from the China Business Summit
which apparently has benefitted from it's close association with the
World Economic Forum:
"Private companies used to be managed like family businesses. But now they’re introducing modern corporate governance practices and growing into modern companies...
Where once they measured success purely in terms of financials, they’re now thinking in terms of human capital —
What does this mean?
That family owned businesses thought only in terms of financials?
What is human capital? Is this a humanistic concept?
Due to the corporate media blackout, few people heard the
of the now infamous Kathie Lee handbags held in the US House of Representatives:
"...when we look at how Chinese workers are already being treated by corporations such as Wal-Mart, Timberland, Nike, Alpine and others, it becomes clear that is not the case. Wal-Mart and Nike's operations in China have become synonymous with child labor, forced labor and hazardous working conditions."
The discussion references: " excellent new report called
Made in China,
released by Charles Kernaghan, of New York City."