November 07, 2003

They've Learned to Speak the Language

Some nuspeak from the China Business Summit
which apparently has benefitted from it's close association with the
World Economic Forum:
"Private companies used to be managed like family businesses. But now they’re introducing modern corporate governance practices and growing into modern companies...
Where once they measured success purely in terms of financials, they’re now thinking in terms of human capital —
What does this mean?
That family owned businesses thought only in terms of financials?
What is human capital? Is this a humanistic concept?
Due to the corporate media blackout, few people heard the
of the now infamous Kathie Lee handbags held in the US House of Representatives:
"...when we look at how Chinese workers are already being treated by corporations such as Wal-Mart, Timberland, Nike, Alpine and others, it becomes clear that is not the case. Wal-Mart and Nike's operations in China have become synonymous with child labor, forced labor and hazardous working conditions."
The discussion references: " excellent new report called
Made in China,
released by Charles Kernaghan, of New York City."