May 03, 2004

Caribbean Civil Groups Urge Haiti Investigation

...organisations from the Caribbean nations of Haiti, St Lucia, Trinidad and Tobago, Guyana, Antigua, and Barbados...
recently requested that CARICOM take immediate and effectual steps to actualize its “call” (for an investigation of the recent Haiti coup) by piloting an appropriate resolution in the General Assembly of the United Nations."

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April 24, 2004

Global Warming Campaign Promise

"We must send a strong message to the President and the country that Congress will hold Mr. Bush to his campaign pledge, that it recognizes that global warming poses grave dangers to our environment, our economy, and our national security, and that this country must reduce its CO2 emissions,"
Congresswoman Barbara Lee
April 30, 2001

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April 17, 2004

Andre Apaid's Splendid Little Coup in Haiti

Andre Apaid is by far the largest sweatshop operator in Haiti: with employees who are paid as little as 68 cents a day, far below the minimum wage of $1.50 a day in Haiti.

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Building a Bigger Debacle:
from Edsel to the World Bank

The architect of the Vietnam war came to the Kennedy administration with a astonishing resume. At Ford Motor Company, he was responsible for the world's most unsuccessful product: the Edsel. Yet MacNamara was destined for even greater ventures after Vietnam...

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April 10, 2004

Textile Quotas Lifted: Race to the Bottom Continues

Prices on textiles may drop 15% by 2005, and along with them, wages of workers in the poorest countries of the world.
In the 1994 (Uruguay) round of trade negotiations, WTO members agreed to a 10 year plan for phasing out the existing system of import quotas. Quotas, like tariffs, are a mechanism for regulating international trade. The quotas on textiles are to be lifted at the end of this year.

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April 08, 2004

Haiti Outside of Globalization

From Eyes of the Heart
by Jean-Bertrand Aristide:

Around the world what is called the informal sector makes up a $16 trillion-a-year economy. Of this women are responsible for $11 trillion. In Haiti, where official unemployment is about 70%, the informal sector is in fact much larger than the formal sector...

How do these people survive?

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April 07, 2004

2001 Coup Led by Guy Phillip

Story from Haiti Support Group
Photo from Haiti Press Network
Background: Haiti Contras

Guy Philippe Is Placed Under Arrest For His Role in the Dec. 17, 

2001 coup against the legally elected government of Haiti Former FAD'H sergeant, Pierre Richardson, said he attended meetings in the Dominican capital of Santo Domingo to plan the attack along with Guy Philippe, former police chief of the northern city of Cap-Haitien, and Jean-Jacques Nau, former police chief of the Delmas suburb of Port-au-Prince.
According to the police, Richardson, who has a bullet wound in his leg after Monday's assault on the presidential palace, had been stopped on a road near the border with the neighbouring Dominican Republic. When apprehended by police, he was said to have been carrying a wad of cash and an M16 rifle. The police say that Richardson had been involved in the July 28 attacks on the national Police Academy and three police stations, which left five dead and 14 wounded. Apparently, he later fled to Dominican Republic where he was granted temporary residence this month.

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March 31, 2004

Status of Haiti Delays Economic Negotiations

Trinidad and Tobago Express(03-28)
Jamaica Observer (03-28)

"So intense was behind-the-scenes lobbying from Washington, the Sunday Express was reliably informed that while one Prime Minister felt obliged to refuse to take a telephone call from a Bush administration official, another was aggravated enough to respond with expletives when presented with what was viewed as a virtual ultimatum. "

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March 19, 2004

Inter-American Development Bank Draws Fire on Camisea Development

"Camisea is an environmental disaster and the IDB should stop supporting this nonsense with US taxpayer dollars given the issues of non-compliance"
Jon Sohn of Friends of the Earth.
The project involves:
  • Drilling platforms and pipelines inside a reserve established to protect nomadic indigenous peoples, who lack immunity to common illnesses and are seriously threatened by the project;
  • Pipelines cutting through pristine tropical rainforests, protected areas, indigenous communities and across the Andes to the coast; and
  • A fractionation plant and export loading facility next to an internationally renowned marine reserve.

    A few historical links:

  • March 16, 2004

    Technology and Terror, Two Responses to Globalization

    "We can have our whole global supply chain on the screen at the same time," holding a virtual meeting, explained Nilekani. The room's eight clocks tell the story: U.S. West, U.S. East, GMT, India, Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, Australia.
    As I looked at this, a thought popped into my head: Who else has such a global supply chain today? Of course: Al Qaeda...

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    March 11, 2004

    Sustainable Economic Development in Haiti?

    not much has happened since 1995, when this document was published...

    "...As Haiti confronts extraordinary pressures from USAID, the World Bank, IDB and IMF to reform its economy through structural adjustments, RCH provides a timely example of the kind of project which U.S. corporations are encouraged -- and often funded -- to conduct under the banners of privatization, democracy enhancement and humanitarian assistance.
    Such projects -- wrapped in development rhetoric about creating jobs, ensuring an affordable food supply and improving agricultural production -- raise key questions, not only for the Haitian poor but also for the U.S. citizen whose tax dollar often funds free market enterprises which richly benefit powerful U.S. corporations while further disempowering the peasant majority....


    March 08, 2004

    US Delegation Confirms Aristide Kidnapping

    "'We were refused access to Haiti's president Jean Bertrand Aristides, says a US delegation which has arrived in the Central African Republic to meet with him." I spoke with Sara Flounders today Sunday at 1:47pmEST...

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    March 07, 2004

    Black helicopters in Baghdad

    For those fools who doubted their existance...
    here's an example: and a recent story

    "The police couldn't handle security because there are too few of them," said Abu Amr, a Badr Brigade security guard. "And the US couldn't do it because they don't understand Muslims. Too much of a chance for misunderstandings." American Apache and Black helicopters circled overhead.

    Moslims Analyse Attacks in Iraq

    from AL-AHRAM,
    one of Egypt's oldest newspapers: BAGHDAD
    While American and Iraqi officials fear the Tuesday Ashura attacks on Shias in Baghdad and Karbala will inflame sectarian violence, Shia hostility targets neither Sunnis nor Kurds, but rather Americans, writes Ramsey Al-Rikabi in Baghdad.
    Iraqi police were a rarity in the Kadhemiya district Tuesday morning, stationing themselves away from the main mosque. Kalashnikov- toting local Shia along with members of the Badr Brigade and Mahdi Army, both Shia militias, undertook security near the shrine.

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    March 06, 2004

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    March 05, 2004

    Haitian Rebels Have a History

    Another figure to recently reemerge is Guy Philippe ...who fled Haiti in October 2000 after authorities discovered him plotting a coup ...
    with others trained in Ecuador by US Special Forces during the 1991-1994 coup. Since that time, the Haitian government has accused Philippe of master-minding deadly attacks on the Police Academy and the National Palace in July and December 2001, as well as hit-and-run raids against police stations on Haiti's Central Plateau over the following two years.
    "I believe that this is a group that is armed by, trained by, and employed by the intelligence services of the United States," Said Haiti's legal representative Ira Kurzban of Wednesday's coup.

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    March 04, 2004

    Interview with Aristide Confirms US Coup

    “This is what I call a real coup d’├ętat,” Aristide said. “This is an issue for all African Americans and Africans.”
    “It’s like he is in jail, he said. He said he was kidnapped,” Waters said. She said Aristide had been threatened by U.S. diplomats who reportedly told the Haitian leader that if he failed to leave, Guy Phillippe, the rebel leader, would storm the palace and he would be killed.

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    March 03, 2004

    Roger Noriega and the Haiti Contras

    Dan Carpenter
    Indianapolis Star (03-03)

    An example of the "...Republican Party's diversity and Hispanic outreach, Roger Noriega was the State Department's chief negotiator in efforts to bring a satisfactory resolution to the unrest that threatened the presidency of Jean-Bertrand Aristide...
    ...Noriega has a history, and it fits with the entire sordid history of our relations with Haiti. He was chief of staff for then-Sen. Jesse Helms back when Helms was Aristide's most powerful enemy in the world.

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    March 02, 2004

    Bush Administration Backed the Ouster of Aristide

    Ron Howell
    Newsday (03-01)

    "The departure of Haiti's Jean-Bertrand Aristide is a victory for a Bush administration hard-liner who has been long dedicated to Aristide's ouster, U.S. foreign policy analysts say..."

    February 29, 2004

    U.S. policy toward Cuba is dominated by one man, a scandal-plagued Cold War relic who has no business being President Bush's chief adviser on Latin America.
    That's what U.S. Sen. Pat Roberts, the Kansas Republican who heads the Senate Intelligence Committee, has to say about Otto Reich.


    February 27, 2004

    Discovering Why We are in Iraq

    Separate statements by Ahmed Chalabi, the head of the Iraqi National Congress (INC), and U.S. retired Gen Jay Garner, who was in charge of planning and administering post-war reconstruction from January through May 2002, suggest that other, less public motives were behind the war, none of which concerned self-defence, pre-emptive or otherwise.


    February 25, 2004

    UN Global Compact undermines corporate accountability

    February 24, 2004, Washington, DC – The Alliance for a Corporate Free UN has written a letter to the heads of five UN agencies asking them to withdraw from the UN’s Global Compact. The letter details specific ways in which the Compact undermines corporate accountability, and follows several years of correspondence with the Global Compact Office by the Alliance.

    February 17, 2004

    Bush Appoints Iran-Contra Figure To Head Up Iraq "Intelligence" Probe

    PACIFICA RADIO (02-12)

    "The impartiality of the commission has...
    ...come into question. The co-chairs named to head up the inquiry will be federal appeals court Judge Laurence Silberman and former Virginia Democratic Senator Charles Robb.

    Judge Silberman has been described as a longtime Republican operative and is widely thought to have helped orchestrate Ronald Reagan's1980 "October Suprise" when Reagan secretly made contacts with the Iranian government before he was elected.

    More about the return of the contras at DOGSPOT

    February 14, 2004

    A New Contra Arms Scandal in Haiti?

    Otto Reich is a known quantity when it comes to controlling the press and manipulating events to achieve U.S. foreign policy objectives in Latin America and the Caribbean...

    ...Otto Reich? Is this the same Otto Reich who once used taxpayer dollars under the Reagan administration, from within his shadowy Office of Public Diplomacy, to cajole the U.S. press into supporting the Contra war against the Sandinistas in Nicaragua?


    Revolution in Haiti

    Haiti's President Arisitide Faces Overthrow

    Reversal in US Policy may lead
    to overthrow of reform leader

    HAITI PROGRES(02-11)


    Haiti’s “armed opposition” launched its most lethal offensive yet last week, creating the civil strife that may be used by the US State Department to justify military intervention. On Feb. 10, State Department officials gave their first public hints that they would favor President Jean-Bertrand Aristide’s resignation...

    Full Story

    February 06, 2004

    Unocal Still on Trial for Rights Abuses

    Cheney ruled on January 23 that Unocal cannot be held liable under one legal theory, the "alter ego" theory. However, plaintiffs have asserted two other theories of liability, which means that Unocal may yet be held liable for gross human rights pipeline area.

    Full article

    Unocal Faces Liability for Human Rights Violations

    plaintiffs will present evidence to a jury directly connecting Unocal to the brutal Burmese military’s use of forced labor, rape and murder while providing security for their pipeline.
    (12-08) Earthrights International
    (12-09) 18:08 PST LOS ANGELES (AP)

    “the methods of the Burmese military were well known, and Unocal knew when it joined the Project that these abuses were certain to be committed for its benefit.”

    AP Story
    Earthrights Coverage

    Prepare for Another Whitewash

    In the wake of an investigation that largely cleared Prime Minister Tony Blair of falsifying intelligence that was used to justify the invasion of Iraq, President Bush now calls for a similar inquiry into the "sources" that lead to our involvement. As the New York Times blighthly notes, this undertaking is awash with difficulties. Some would say flawed form the outset. Notably Jay Rockefeller, vice chairman of the senate committee tasked to investigate this type of failure.

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    January 31, 2004

    False Basis of Iraq War Precipates International Scandal

    "For bureaucratic reasons we settled on weapons of mass destruction because it was the one issue everyone could agree on."

    Deputy Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz

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    January 29, 2004

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