April 07, 2004

2001 Coup Led by Guy Phillip

Story from Haiti Support Group
Photo from Haiti Press Network
Background: Haiti Contras

Guy Philippe Is Placed Under Arrest For His Role in the Dec. 17, 

2001 coup against the legally elected government of Haiti Former FAD'H sergeant, Pierre Richardson, said he attended meetings in the Dominican capital of Santo Domingo to plan the attack along with Guy Philippe, former police chief of the northern city of Cap-Haitien, and Jean-Jacques Nau, former police chief of the Delmas suburb of Port-au-Prince.
According to the police, Richardson, who has a bullet wound in his leg after Monday's assault on the presidential palace, had been stopped on a road near the border with the neighbouring Dominican Republic. When apprehended by police, he was said to have been carrying a wad of cash and an M16 rifle. The police say that Richardson had been involved in the July 28 attacks on the national Police Academy and three police stations, which left five dead and 14 wounded. Apparently, he later fled to Dominican Republic where he was granted temporary residence this month.

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