February 06, 2004

Unocal Still on Trial for Rights Abuses

Cheney ruled on January 23 that Unocal cannot be held liable under one legal theory, the "alter ego" theory. However, plaintiffs have asserted two other theories of liability, which means that Unocal may yet be held liable for gross human rights pipeline area.

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Unocal Faces Liability for Human Rights Violations

plaintiffs will present evidence to a jury directly connecting Unocal to the brutal Burmese military’s use of forced labor, rape and murder while providing security for their pipeline.
(12-08) Earthrights International
(12-09) 18:08 PST LOS ANGELES (AP)

“the methods of the Burmese military were well known, and Unocal knew when it joined the Project that these abuses were certain to be committed for its benefit.”

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Prepare for Another Whitewash

In the wake of an investigation that largely cleared Prime Minister Tony Blair of falsifying intelligence that was used to justify the invasion of Iraq, President Bush now calls for a similar inquiry into the "sources" that lead to our involvement. As the New York Times blighthly notes, this undertaking is awash with difficulties. Some would say flawed form the outset. Notably Jay Rockefeller, vice chairman of the senate committee tasked to investigate this type of failure.

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