March 07, 2004

Black helicopters in Baghdad

For those fools who doubted their existance...
here's an example: and a recent story

"The police couldn't handle security because there are too few of them," said Abu Amr, a Badr Brigade security guard. "And the US couldn't do it because they don't understand Muslims. Too much of a chance for misunderstandings." American Apache and Black helicopters circled overhead.

Moslims Analyse Attacks in Iraq

from AL-AHRAM,
one of Egypt's oldest newspapers: BAGHDAD
While American and Iraqi officials fear the Tuesday Ashura attacks on Shias in Baghdad and Karbala will inflame sectarian violence, Shia hostility targets neither Sunnis nor Kurds, but rather Americans, writes Ramsey Al-Rikabi in Baghdad.
Iraqi police were a rarity in the Kadhemiya district Tuesday morning, stationing themselves away from the main mosque. Kalashnikov- toting local Shia along with members of the Badr Brigade and Mahdi Army, both Shia militias, undertook security near the shrine.

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