December 17, 2009

Morales finds an ally inside the Copenhagen tent

Today David Corn reported, with his usual accuracy, an unexpected alliance in Copenhagen.
Unexpected for those unfamiliar with John Kerry's long term commitment to environmental justice:
As Bolivian President Evo Morales was thundering in the press briefing room of the Copenhagen climate summit on Wednesday—railing about the "guilt of the countries of the North" and denouncing President Barack Obama for spending more on the war in Afghanistan than on climate change programs for the developing world—Senator John Kerry (D-Mass.) was 100 yards away in a crowded room, delivering a somewhat similar message. Industrialized nations began global-warming pollution, Kerry said, so they now have a responsibility to "ramp up significantly" climate financing for poorer nations as part of a final deal. The South American populist and the North American senator essentially agreed.

Corn is not holding his breath in anticipation of a COP15 deal:
His Mother Jones article just hit the web minutes ago:

Kerry's speech is archived here:
Senator John Kerry's speech at the COP15 climate talks today
... along with my comments and a link to the video. Later in the day, he was seen walking through the lobby of the now famous Bella Center, where protesters from Climate Action Justice and other groups were staging a sit-in after a long battle with police. He congratulated them for their dedication, and we should all be thankful he showed up before Obama officially brings his lame offer to the table. Kerry's speech reveals his long term intimacy with the issues of the moment, and he speaks the same language as those who went to the street with placards demanding SYSTEM CHANGE, NOT CLIMATE CHANGE. It is time. But I will agree with David Corn. Check the link above to read his prognosis for COP15.