October 29, 2010

Terminator takes on the dinosaurs and fossil fools

"A new executive order requires the Golden State’s utilities to get a third of their electricity from renewable energy sources by 2020. This is in addition to robust energy efficiency programs that make California consistently one of the leaders, worldwide, in creating negawatts.
Whats a negawatt?
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Further evidence that the smart money is on clean tech, is that Pacific Gas and Electric and Exelon have quit the US Chamber of Commerce and Duke Energy has left the National Association of Manufacturers." From Bill Hewitt, earlier this month

October 28, 2010

Myanmar snuffs news of deaths in oil pipeline blaze

According to independent sources, more than 100 people have died as of Wednesday in Myanmar's oil pipeline blaze

On Monday, AFP reported the death of at least 14 workers at an oil fire in central Myanmar. That is the only report we had until yesterday, and casualties continue to mount. According to AFP "Authorities were battling to put out the blaze, which broke out on Sunday near Pakokku town in the Magway region." The official who passed the information to AFP did not want to be named.

The vast majority of industry in tightly controlled Mynmar is in the hands of the French company Total, and California based Chevron. Chevron took over the operations of UNOCAL after UNOCAL was sucessfully sued for sponsoring the rape and torture of villagers along their pipeline in Myanmar.

UNOCAL had long been one of the brands sold by the oil giant Chevron, but until the recent settlement, UNOCAL operated as an independent corporation.

The source for this article was a Malaysian publication Mysinchew.com, by way of AFP. Since then, the democratic resistance has leaked eyewitness accounts of villagers nearby:
Death toll exceeds 100, Democratic Voice of Burma

reported Wednesday - DOGSPOT

October 26, 2010

Tsunami Hits Indonesian Islands

UPDATE 10-29-2010:

Rescuers need boats - 343 dead, 404 injured, 338 missing,

- Jakarta Post

On Tuesday a tsunami smashed into a remote Indonesian island chain while in central Java a volcanic eruption left 13 people dead.

An intial 7.7 magnitude underwater quake triggered the tsunami 15 minutes later. After 5 hours, the islands were rocked by a 6.1 magnitude aftershock, and a series of smaller quakes in the range of 5.1 to 6.2 magnitude. The apocolyptic scenario was completed by 3 eruptions of the Merapi volcano, which erupted yet again on Friday.

Details, along with seismic reports, have been moved to DOGSPOT

October 25, 2010

Chevron expert judged incredible in federal court

Not once in 2 decades of work for Texaco and Chevron has John Connor found his clients to be responsible for harm to even a single person. The jury in Jefferson County, Mississippi found otherwise.

October 23, 2010

Crap and Trade is a Republican Idea

Two in a row for GRIST - they released a great issue yesterday. In "The GOP changes its tune on cap-and-trade", Dan Weiss explains how and why the Republicans are:

"...repudiating Reagan's legacy of cap-and-trade for cheap political gain to curry favor with polluting industries".

"Cap-and-trade is a cost-effective alternative that allows the firms that can more cheaply reduce their emissions below their required limit to sell any additional reductions to companies that are not able to make reductions as easily. This creates a system that guarantees a set level of overall reductions while rewarding the most efficient companies and ensuring that the cap can be met at the lowest possible cost to the economy.

The Reagan White House conceived the first cap-and-trade program to reduce pollution. It was used in the 1980s to phase out lead in gasoline at a lower cost."

Dan Weiss also sites Cap and Trade proposals by Newt Gingrich, George W. Bush, and Sarah Palin as recently as 2008. What a short memory we are supposed to have! Republicans bank on contributions from major polluters in exchange for their flip-flop on this issue dear to companies like Peabody and Chevron. Even before the court ruling that opened the floodgates of money for the upcoming election, Chevron has recently laundered millions through the Chamber of Commerce, an effort that is being scaled up this year. But not for candidates who support even the mildest attempts to mitigate the real cost of dirty industry.

Daniel J. Weiss originally posted his article at The Center for American Progress.

The World Bank - funding decades of climate injustice

The world bank has gotten in many affairs beyond their original agenda, but their carbon trading portifolio has become a significant threat to climate progress. Daphne Wysham reveals their gambit at GRIST.ORG:
Her article- Critics question World Bank’s role as carbon trader, fossil-fuel funder was published 5 years ago. It should not be too much of a surprise that the World Bank envisions itself as banker for the UN climate process, which they also seek to shape. Negotiations unraveled when their hidden role in Copenhagen was revealed. As we head toward Cancun, their cards are on the table, but they are playing the wrong game.
It is time for them to fold. MORE at DOGSPOT

October 22, 2010

Handy Guide for Chevron Protests 2.0

Here is a handy little guide for environmental activists who need to know more about the corporate giant that owns the largest toxic oil spill in history. Included are timely tidbits in 5 major categories:
  • Chevron corporate profile,
  • Chevron goes to Ecuador,
  • Chevron websurfing,
  • Who sells Chevron?, and last but not least
  • Chevron drills into the future.

The latest pdf is here and here.
The online version -
Who is Chevron, who promotes their greenwash ?
- contains useful links to information that might be included in a "long version".

Green cheers for new Chevron drilling?

Is this a green blog?

The blog that calls itself "Green" at the New York Times announces with uncritical acceptance new drilling by Chevron in the Gulf of Mexico. If you want to talk to their executives, you have to be a cheerleader, and Clifford Kraus certainly is. Here's a quote from his blog, for which Green is clearly a misnomer:
"I caught up with Bobby Ryan, Chevron’s vice president for global exploration, to get his take on the announcement so soon after the lifting of the moratorium, which came in the aftermath of the blowout on a BP well that killed 11 rig workers and flooded the gulf with millions of barrel(sic) of oil. He said that despite the accident, the gulf continues to be one of the crucial areas of focus for Chevron, the second largest American oil company after Exxon. “We are going to continue to explore,” he said."
Unfortunately, there is more. Read it and you'll agree. Fresh Green Blog is a green blog -:)

Chevron websurfing

example of a "websurfer" from Chevron:
canonical name chvpkproxy3.chevron.com.
Chevron provides access to the web by proxy from a network that includes these addresses:,,,,,
Their domain is registered with Network Solutions:
Chevron Corp.
Domain Coordinator
6001 Bollinger Canyon Rd.
San Ramon, CA 94583-2324

more about Chevron Corporation

October 19, 2010

Spoof preempts Chevron ad campaign

the bogus ad features signature of Chevron executives Even as I type this, several news outlets continue to distribute a spoof from environmentalists that preceded a genuine effort from Chevron. The fake press releases include a link to chevron-weagree.com where a slick slide show presents a message that would be a complete turn-around for the oil giant. Chevron has launched an effort to take it down...
Full story has been updated and moved
The original spoof site has been archived, and can easily be mirrored. http://dogspot.us/chevron/
You can download the entire site as an archive


Chevron - Oil companies should clean up their messes

Clean Up Their Messes chevron-weagree.com

Chevron - Oil companies should clean up their messes

This is only one slide from the spoofed Chevron website. The latest update is here: Masks come off in Chevron charade

Oil companies should fix the problems they create

Fix The Problems They Create chevron-weagree.com

oil companies should fix the problems they create

This is only one slide from the spoofed Chevron website. The latest update is here: Masks come off in Chevron charade

Chevron - Oil companies should put safety first

Put Safety First chevron-weagree.com

Chevron - Oil companies should put safety first

This is only one slide from the spoofed Chevron website. The latest update is here: Masks come off in Chevron charade

Chevron - It's time oil companies stop endangering life

Stop Endangering Life chevron-weagree.com

Chevron - It's time oil companies stop endangering life

This is only one slide from the spoofed Chevron website. The latest update is here: Masks come off in Chevron charade

Tell Chevron to Clean up their energy act - in Ecuador and elsewhere

10-10 Clean up day for Chevron As part of the 10-10-10 day of action organized by 350.org, Rainforest Action Network staged a clean-up at every Chevron station in San Fransisco:

"...there was a major “clean-up” at one of Chevron’s largest Bay Area gas stations at 1298 Howard Street in downtown San Francisco at noon. At the Howard Street station, activists risked arrest by blocking all entrances to the pumps with giant banners and warning signs reading “Closed for cleaning due to oil spills and climate pollution,” while other activists were physically cleaning the station." more
There is no mention on their site, of the advertising spoof that pre-empted Chevron's ad campaign yesterday - but the use of javascript on their home page is remarkably similar to the spoofed ad -:)

October 10, 2010

People's Declaration from Klimaforum

Here is an index for the Declaration that resulted from Klimaforum09. Klimaforum10 has claimed a "blogspot",and the official site maps the way to a People's Forum in Cancun.

10-10-10 Visit a Vertical Farm

Today is a day of action, coordinated by 350.org as a Global Work Party, and among the 7000+ actions registered on their site, one of the most interesting is an open house at Chicago's first vertical farm.
The most innovative use proposed for The Plant is to develop a test site for implementing aquaponic farm techniques in a “vertical” environment. Vertical farms have been the subject of well-publicized research, both at Columbia University in New York and at Chicago’s own Illinois Institute of Technology. But to date, indoor farming in multi-story, urban buildings has not been attempted on any scale.
They are just a few miles from the IIT campus: 1400 W. 46th Street and you're welcome to vist between 11:00am and 4:00pm. Find out more about it at the blog of developer John Edel.

Remove the US roadblock to climate action en route to Cancun

Hopes for a legally binding agreement at the next UN climate conference have been reduced almost to nil by the failure of the US Senate...

It is a certainty that system change will be required in order to promote climate change. This was the theme of Klimaforum09, and it will be continued with Klimaforum10 in parallel with the UN conference in Cancun this year. An important instance of "system change" could be the change in the US political system: to eliminate the US Senate which has been standing in the way of progress on every front. The Senate has not even ratified the Kyoto treaty - and never will. Yet this is a measure that would easily have passed in the US House of Representatives, which is the only legislative body the American people need...

Can we streamline politics to achieve system change?

September 25, 2010

Energy rebate program ends after only 2 hours

The State of Illinois had 3 million dollars of stimulus money for appliance rebates. A 15% instant rebate was offered on energy saving appliances starting Friday morning, and came to a grinding halt at about 10:30 am. This is quite a bit different than reslts in the other 49 states...(read more)

September 23, 2010

Hopi Reject Carbon Capture Pilot Project

Reversing a decision made in July, the Hopi Council narrowly rejected a project that would test the viability of carbon capture on Hopi land.

In August, The Navajo Nation’s Resources Committee unanimously expressed their disapproval of the project.

The test would involve drilling near the Navajo Aquifer, which has already been threatened with depletion by the mining operations of Peabody Energy. Peabody would likely be involved if the project was considered viable.

The full story has been moved to DOGSPOT

September 22, 2010

The Vision of Black Elk

"... It was a happy summer and nothing was afraid, because in the Moon When the Ponies Shed (May) word came from the Wasichus [the White Men] that there would be peace and that they would not use the road any more and that all the soldiers would go away. The soldiers did go away and their towns were torn down; and in the Moon of Falling Leaves (November), they made a treaty with Red Cloud that said our country would be ours as long as grass should grow and water flow. You can see that it is not the grass and the water that have forgotten.

Maybe it was not this summer when I first heard the voices, but I think it was, because I know it was before I played with bows and arrows or rode a horse, and I was out playing alone when I heard them. It was like somebody calling me, and I thought it was my mother, but there was nobody there. This happened more than once, and always made me afraid, so that I ran home.

It was when I was five years old that my Grandfather made me a bow and some arrows. The grass was young and I was on horseback. A thunder storm was coming from where the sun goes down, and just as I was riding into the woods along a creek, there was a kingbird sitting on a limb. This was not a dream, it happened. And I was going to shoot at the kingbird with the bow my Grandfather made, when the bird spoke and said: "The clouds all over are one-sided." Perhaps it meant that all the clouds were looking at me. And then it said: "Listen! A voice is calling you!" Then I looked up at the clouds, and two men were coming there, headfirst like arrows slanting down; and as they came, they sang a sacred song and the thunder was like drumming. I will sing it for you. The song and the drumming were like this:

Behold, a sacred voice is calling you;

All over the sky a sacred voice is calling.

I sat there gazing at them, and they were coming from the place where the giant lives (north). But when they were very close to me, they wheeled about toward where the sun goes down, and suddenly they were geese. Then they were gone, and the rain came with a big wind and a roaring..."

excerpted from: Black Elk Speaks, by John G. Neihardt

September 21, 2010

geese at sunset

Geese watch the sun set in Lincoln Park, Galesburg Illinois
This photo was taken before I became a friend of the flock.

September 16, 2010

The Ecology of Education, reuniting Love and Learning

"Teaching at the Edge" by John Elder is something new to me. I wandered into it by following links from visitors at my other sites, and I am drinking it up! Here's a short quote that resonates with my deepest feelings about education, some of my oldest beliefs:
"Love is the deepest science, but it is not quantifiable. Loving attentiveness to one's bioregional community is a discipline, in the sense of being a life's study. It does not, however, depend upon the sort of exclusive vocabulary which those academic categories we call "disciplines" use to define and defend themselves. It has already become a temptation, given the rapid growth of interest in environmental issues, to develop environmental studies or environmental education into separate new departments or programs of their own. But we should resist this impulse. The essence of environmental education is a certain energetic waywardness with regard to compartmentalization and boundaries of all kinds.

One revelation of Stories in the Land and the Watershed Partnerships for me has been that often, the most whole-hearted and integrated teaching occurs in the lower elementary grades. Instead of always having schools and colleges looking up the line to the specialized and professionalistic standards of graduate schools, I would recommend that they also try to emulate the best first grade classes, where music, art, and literature flow directly into the studies of science and mathematics."