October 19, 2010

Tell Chevron to Clean up their energy act - in Ecuador and elsewhere

10-10 Clean up day for Chevron As part of the 10-10-10 day of action organized by 350.org, Rainforest Action Network staged a clean-up at every Chevron station in San Fransisco:

"...there was a major “clean-up” at one of Chevron’s largest Bay Area gas stations at 1298 Howard Street in downtown San Francisco at noon. At the Howard Street station, activists risked arrest by blocking all entrances to the pumps with giant banners and warning signs reading “Closed for cleaning due to oil spills and climate pollution,” while other activists were physically cleaning the station." more
There is no mention on their site, of the advertising spoof that pre-empted Chevron's ad campaign yesterday - but the use of javascript on their home page is remarkably similar to the spoofed ad -:)