October 10, 2010

People's Declaration from Klimaforum

Here is an index for the Declaration that resulted from Klimaforum09. Klimaforum10 has claimed a "blogspot",and the official site maps the way to a People's Forum in Cancun.

10-10-10 Visit a Vertical Farm

Today is a day of action, coordinated by 350.org as a Global Work Party, and among the 7000+ actions registered on their site, one of the most interesting is an open house at Chicago's first vertical farm.
The most innovative use proposed for The Plant is to develop a test site for implementing aquaponic farm techniques in a “vertical” environment. Vertical farms have been the subject of well-publicized research, both at Columbia University in New York and at Chicago’s own Illinois Institute of Technology. But to date, indoor farming in multi-story, urban buildings has not been attempted on any scale.
They are just a few miles from the IIT campus: 1400 W. 46th Street and you're welcome to vist between 11:00am and 4:00pm. Find out more about it at the blog of developer John Edel.

Remove the US roadblock to climate action en route to Cancun

Hopes for a legally binding agreement at the next UN climate conference have been reduced almost to nil by the failure of the US Senate...

It is a certainty that system change will be required in order to promote climate change. This was the theme of Klimaforum09, and it will be continued with Klimaforum10 in parallel with the UN conference in Cancun this year. An important instance of "system change" could be the change in the US political system: to eliminate the US Senate which has been standing in the way of progress on every front. The Senate has not even ratified the Kyoto treaty - and never will. Yet this is a measure that would easily have passed in the US House of Representatives, which is the only legislative body the American people need...

Can we streamline politics to achieve system change?