October 22, 2010

Handy Guide for Chevron Protests 2.0

Here is a handy little guide for environmental activists who need to know more about the corporate giant that owns the largest toxic oil spill in history. Included are timely tidbits in 5 major categories:
  • Chevron corporate profile,
  • Chevron goes to Ecuador,
  • Chevron websurfing,
  • Who sells Chevron?, and last but not least
  • Chevron drills into the future.

The latest pdf is here and here.
The online version -
Who is Chevron, who promotes their greenwash ?
- contains useful links to information that might be included in a "long version".

Green cheers for new Chevron drilling?

Is this a green blog?

The blog that calls itself "Green" at the New York Times announces with uncritical acceptance new drilling by Chevron in the Gulf of Mexico. If you want to talk to their executives, you have to be a cheerleader, and Clifford Kraus certainly is. Here's a quote from his blog, for which Green is clearly a misnomer:
"I caught up with Bobby Ryan, Chevron’s vice president for global exploration, to get his take on the announcement so soon after the lifting of the moratorium, which came in the aftermath of the blowout on a BP well that killed 11 rig workers and flooded the gulf with millions of barrel(sic) of oil. He said that despite the accident, the gulf continues to be one of the crucial areas of focus for Chevron, the second largest American oil company after Exxon. “We are going to continue to explore,” he said."
Unfortunately, there is more. Read it and you'll agree. Fresh Green Blog is a green blog -:)

Chevron websurfing

example of a "websurfer" from Chevron:
canonical name chvpkproxy3.chevron.com.
Chevron provides access to the web by proxy from a network that includes these addresses:,,,,,
Their domain is registered with Network Solutions:
Chevron Corp.
Domain Coordinator
6001 Bollinger Canyon Rd.
San Ramon, CA 94583-2324

more about Chevron Corporation