October 28, 2010

Myanmar snuffs news of deaths in oil pipeline blaze

According to independent sources, more than 100 people have died as of Wednesday in Myanmar's oil pipeline blaze

On Monday, AFP reported the death of at least 14 workers at an oil fire in central Myanmar. That is the only report we had until yesterday, and casualties continue to mount. According to AFP "Authorities were battling to put out the blaze, which broke out on Sunday near Pakokku town in the Magway region." The official who passed the information to AFP did not want to be named.

The vast majority of industry in tightly controlled Mynmar is in the hands of the French company Total, and California based Chevron. Chevron took over the operations of UNOCAL after UNOCAL was sucessfully sued for sponsoring the rape and torture of villagers along their pipeline in Myanmar.

UNOCAL had long been one of the brands sold by the oil giant Chevron, but until the recent settlement, UNOCAL operated as an independent corporation.

The source for this article was a Malaysian publication Mysinchew.com, by way of AFP. Since then, the democratic resistance has leaked eyewitness accounts of villagers nearby:
Death toll exceeds 100, Democratic Voice of Burma

reported Wednesday - DOGSPOT