April 18, 2011

BP refuses award, ejects the messengers

it took 30 minutes for Diane Wilson to get herself arrested in London

Diane Wilson got fished out of the Blog at Democracy now after an attempt to present the "Black Planet" award at a British Petroleum shareholders meeting. Since this was in London, she didn't get teargassed or beaten as is the custom stateside, but after 30 minutes of persistence, she did get arrested. She reports:

When I saw they absolutely were going to do everything they could to block me out, I had a baggy of molasses I had stuck in my bra, believe it or not, and I ripped it out, and I put it on my face, and I put it on my hands. And I said, "This is why they do not want us in here. They want us to go away. They want us to be quiet. They do not want any attention brought on this oil." And so, I probably stood there for, oh, 20 or 30 minutes, and eventually they arrested me. They hauled me off and arrested me.

I was charged with disrupting the peace. And I kept laughing about that, and I said, "Disrupting the peace for BP?" That was pretty outrageous. You know, they had disrupted our lives down there. But just appearing at the door of a BP general assembly, and we’re disrupting the peace. And they took me down to the Forest Gate Metropolitan Police. And I must say, the police in London are extremely, extremely nice. They kept wanting to get me coffee.

The is the same Diane who went on the lam 6 years ago after her famous protest at Dow Chemical. She comes from a long line of fishermen, who have seen a bountiful resource completely destroyed by toxic industries who have absolutely no concern for human life or the need to make a living and have safe food. The picture links back to its source at Democracy Now, and here's the historic banner-drop at Dow Chemical.